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Paths to Contact
True Stories from the Contact Underground
Jeff Becker
Vimeo: Night Vision Video
Marilyn Brannon
Website: Zirconstar: The Path to Contact
YouTube: Zirconstar: YouTube Channel
TV Interview: Mysterious lights reported over Frisco
Janet Brook
Dr. Joseph Burkes
Website: Notes from the Contact Underground
Ricky Butterfass
Interview: Ricky Butterfass, CSETI and UFOs on Open Minds Radio
Martin Chicoine
Ellen Costantino
Christopher Cornacchio
Greg Craig
Martyn Ellis
Website: Centre for Research and Policy on Extraterrestrial Relations
Grant Haygood
Facebook Groups: ECO - Extraterrestrial Contact Organization, The CE-5 Initiative
Todd Johnson
Kosta Makreas
Websites: ET Lets Talk Social Network
Global CE-5 Initiative Monthly Contact Group
Monica Manni
Kevin Gerard McGregor
Todd Michael
Website: My Life After Contact: Evolving the Human
Hollis Polk
Website: Hollis Polk - Extraordinary Psychic Reader and Teacher
Radio Show: Hollis Polk - Your Life, Your Relationships
Steve Poitras
Website: Night Vision Videos
Paula Schurle
Website: Stardust Conferences
YouTube: Night Vision Videos
Lorna Smythe
Greg Sullivan
Website: Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (JCETI)
Presentation: JCETI 2012 Slide Show
Lee Titus