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A.K. (email):

These accounts are just great. People were so vivid in what they describe. The accounts are so personal and really reflect how deep and heartfelt the experiences were. I had trouble putting it down.

Pamela Plauche (

Absolutely wonderful! It was very informative and I would recommend it to everyone! It is very well written and the information from each person was priceless!

Bright Garlick (

Jeff Becker has mentioned the release of his book Paths to Contact . I bought the book on Kindle and read it all last night. I wanted to say “Well done Jeff on putting together a brilliant book on the contact movement !”.

This book is sure to be a bench mark which highlights the beginning of the contact movement. The 23 stories from individual contactees (across the contact spectrum) come from all ages and all walks of life. The stories are honest and encouraging and give you a wide cross section of how people make contact and what contact means to each of them. Steven Greer is the common thread running through much of the book, and even though I don’t use his CE5 protocols myself, I do acknowledge that he has largely single handedly kick started interest in human initiated contact and for that he deserves credit.

But books like this also play a critical catalytic role and I commend Jeff for a heartfelt effort well done. Jeff’s own chapter is deeply honest and compelling. The book comes to a close with a chapter by Kosta, which is also deeply honest and compelling. And even though my own conscious contact seems to have started before many of the contributors to this book, I feel like I am on the same wavelength and have grown up with the same deep yearning to connect with our cosmic family.

The stories in Paths to Contact clearly demonstrate that contact comes in many different forms – not just face to face or lights in the sky ! They also show that our ET friends are benevolent and as interested in us as we are in them.

The contact movement has started and one day history will recognize that this book was the first to give voice to the movement.

Great work Jeff and thank you to all those wonderful people who contributed their stories.

Debbie Hughes (facebook: The CE-5 Initiative):

I very enthusiastically read Paths to Contact several months ago (December) and since then I keep thinking about the stories the authors shared over and over again. In every chapter there was something that resonated with me in a deep way, got my heart pumping and totally caught my attention! The experiences these people shared in this book have affected me in a very personal way. Often I am in the middle of something routine in my day and out of the blue I start thinking of some detail I read in this book. Since reading this, I have met Christopher Cornacchio and on the very first night we became acquainted he told me about how he wrote his chapter and very graciously answered all my questions!

I recommend this book to someone who has just thought about ET contact a couple of times to those who have had deep, frequent and extensive contact. There is such a wide variety of contact experiences shared in the chapters of this book that by the end, there will be no doubt in your mind that you too will want to explore your own connections to other life in the universe!

auntkate (

Thank you sooooo very much for your book, Paths To Contact. I’m reading it and am having a hard time putting it down and am already re-reading much of it as there is so much to absorb regarding everyone’s journeys towards Contact and Disclosure. I’m so grateful to have found out about it and deeply appreciate all that went into its publication. There’s so much to grow into with regards to overcoming deep-rooted conditioning, letting go of cultural biases and opening ourselves up to being intergalactic citizens. I know I will be sharing this book with many people, as it is a great companion to the CSETI/Disclosure work and Greer’s books. More comments later, but this much for now. Again, a great discovery and a welcome companion on The Journey to collaboration with ETs. Thank you.

Tina Schmidt (

This is an amazing book edited by Jeff Becker. The book is full of pages and pages of research and discovery through the testimonies of many people, ranging from artists to postal servicers, biologists, pilots, and people from every day life. The book is a straight forward writing by each of the witnesses and Experiencers who have encountered the UFO and Extra Terrestrial phenomenon.

I like the honest writings of this book. The Editor, Jeff Becker, does not have an agenda or a particular point of view to sell. We read the book through the eyes of each individual as their own experience unfolds before them - and the reader sees it through the eyes of the individual. The book reveals how some individuals came about their experiences and it helps the reader to understand that there is no one cut and dried perfect way to make contact. It does help the reader understand that there are many "how to" possibilities and each person is unique, therefore, their own contact experience comes about in a unique way. What most of the Contactees and Experiencers have in common is a kind of inner awakening which comes to them through their experiences.

I actually discovered Mr. Becker through youtube when I was asking questions about how he was able to video tape the UFO's. Later, I rediscovered him through the CSETI program. In speaking with Jeff, I found him to be an honest and humble down to earth individual, a man who makes you feel comfortable in talking with him even for the first time. He is not an attention hog and does not flaunt his influence and experience around like so many "authorities" in the UFO community. He is extremely extremely bright (a computer programmer) and yet very kind and approachable. The book is extremely well written with a whopping 422 pages of material, including a glossary of terms with definitions and descriptions of subjects that is common to the UFO community. Included in this book are the many different websites and links to help you make your way through the UFO community. There are a couple of blank pages in the back for you to make your own notes. You cannot tell by the cover how thick this book is but it is very thick for a paper back. It will provide much information, eye opening reading and lots of digesting to do on the part of the reader. An excellent book of research and testimony by any good measure.

It is well worth the price and you will certainly gain much by the mass amount of content, not to mention the additional websites and listings in the back of the book. A must-have for anyone looking into the UFO Extra Terrestrial experience, or even if you are an "advanced" Contactee or Experiencer like myself. I would highly recommend it for your collection!

Lorna Smythe (email):

This book is a priceless gift of "we are not alone" for us earth-bound beings, along with its equally important purpose of enlightening others regarding humanity's connection with our "star family." I would love to converse with these folks and to hug each one of them!

Marilyn Brannon (facebook - Paths To Contact):

Even though I have a chapter in the book I have to say I have been so impressed and excited when reading the others, as I have found many things I wish I had said and can really relate to what others are saying! I haven't read all the chapters yet, but guys this is really good!