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ExtraterrestrialContact.info  is currently under development.

ExtraterrestrialContact.info is a free service for centralizing Human Initiated ET Contact/CE5 information and providing the tools for people to start and run their own successful contact working groups. 

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ET Contact Youtube Channel: . Now has 31 video playlists.

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Current Project (August 2020 and on) : . Researching and working on the Working Group Toolkit on the sidelines as a document.   

                                                                  . Researching and creating a new document regarding the Peruvian Rahma contact group history and protocols.


Pages that have recently been updated: . Articles & Narratives by ET Contact Workers 

                                                                     . ET Contact Techniques

                                                                     . ET Contact Tools

                                                                     . Guided Meditations and Mantras

                                                                     . Human-Made & Natural Objects & Phenomena

                                                                     . Pictures

                                                                     . Reports from ET Contact Workers

                                                                     . Sightings & Experiences Related to ET Contact

                                                                     . Working Group & Contact Worker Directory


Pages that are currently been worked on: . Working Group Leaders Toolkit 


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