Articles and Narratives by ET Contact Workers


 Angelika Whitecliff

  A Guide For Initiating Contact With ETs by Angelika Whitecliff 

 Amardeep Kaleka

  CE-5 Protocols— simplified to my beginner level by Amardeep Kaleka 

 Dave Hillis

The Universal Creed

Crystals and Stones for Contact


David Kobza

Contact Protocol By David Kobza (Scribd.com)


Don Daniels

Don Daniel's Website

Remote Viewing


Dr. Joseph Burkes

Press Here to go to the Dr. Joseph Burkes Article Page (150+ Articles)


Dr. Steven Greer (CSETI)

CSETI Website

Sirius Disclosure Website

Papers and Articles by Dr. Steven Greer (Website)

. Collection of position Papers by Dr. Steven Greer (PDF File) 

One Universe, One People (Website Article)

The Imperative of Consciousness (Website Article)

Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology (Website Article)

The Crossing Point (Website Article)

Architecture of the Cosmos - Spectra Of Reality (PDF File)

Encounter at Joshua Tree - Analysis and Photographs (Website Article)


Grant Haygood

Expect the Unexpected  (Chapter from the book "Paths to Contact")


James Iandoli

Contact Movement Network YouTube Channel

My CSETI Experience (Part 1) (YouTube Video)

The CE-5 Initiative

. Core Principles for Peaceful Contact

Tools of Consciousness

. CE-5 Field Work

ET Manifestations & Communication

CE-5 Outside Contact (With Dave Hillis)

Working Group Glue (With Dave Hillis)

. ET Let's Talk Global CE-5 ET Contact Event Instructions

ET Contact Experience Reports (With Grant Haygood)

Laser Usage and Safety


Jeff Becker

"Paths to Contact" Introduction

Interactions with Extraterrestrials (Chapter from the book "Paths to Contact")


Matthew - A Quantum G'Day

. How I Started Doing CE-5 (YouTube Channel)

How to Enter the Quantum World (YouTube Video)

Meditation - Benefits & Tips by Matthew-A Quantum G'Day (YouTube Video)

. Meditation Secrets (YouTube Video)

. Why I started Meditating (YouTube Video)

. 7 Things the ETs Want For Us (YouTube Video)

. Humanity & ET Contact: What's Coming? (YouTube Video)


Rae Dove

Rae Dove's Website

Path to Peace (Website Article)

. How to Raise Earth's Vibrations of Peace (Website Article)

Learning to Fly: Do Star Visitors Act as Teachers (Website Article)

Meditation 101 & Benefits of Meditation for CE-5 Work (Website Article)

Meditation Tips (Website Article)

Notice the Signs (Website Article)

Signs: 11:11 4:44 (Website Article)

Signs: Triangles in the Skies (Website Article)

Earth's Environment, Us and ETs (Website Article)

. Removing Fear From ET Contact (Website Article)

. Faith, Religion, Spirituality and ETs (Website Article)

. See Them With Your Heart (Website Article) 

. ETs Brought Me to a Purple Planet, and how They did it (Website Article)



Ricardo Gonzalez 

Ricardo Gonzalez Website - Legado Cosmico

Physical Contact in Mt Shasta (Website Article)


Ricky Butterfass

Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth 

Collection of Essays including the following subjects: CE-5 Protocols Updates, Puja, Im Na Mah Mantra, Reports, among other subjects. 

CE-5, Heart Chakra, Merkaba

ET Orbs

Limiting Factors to CE-5 Contact

To Puja or not to Puja

Universal CE-5 of Unified Bonded Intent


Trevor Barton

Standing on a Summit: ETI - Human Relations at the Dawn of Disclosure (Free E-book) 

Mind is One