Clearing by Peter Maxwell Slattery




Start by imagining yourself engulfed in white, golden, violet, or blue-colored light; use whatever colored light you prefer.

Then say words that work for you, silently or out loud. Here are examples of the words I use:


1. I ask those who are aligned with the healing of the Earth and the awakening of humanity to connect to my consciousness. 
2. I ask the native spirits in my area and Gaia (Mother Earth), to connect to my consciousness. I ask also for their blessing to be here. 
3. I ask the nature spirits and elementals that are in alignment with me to connect with my consciousness. 
4. I now ask my Guides, the Masters, Saints, Sages, the Beings I work with, and my own God Self to connect with my consciousness. 
5. I also ask that any psychic bonds and connections that are not positive to be dissolved, along with any negative implants and attachments. 
6. I ask the healing energies to step forward and assist with any physical, mental, or emotional healing I might need. 
7. Let anything that is not in alignment with me be escorted by their Guides to where they need to go, and let them
8. know they do not have to exist in the state they are in—because they are loved, healed, and forgiven. 

Finally, blast yorself again with whatever colored light you choose.