Dave Hillis - The Universal Creed

This is a type of Creed I wrote. I say something along these lines in my head before I go to sleep each night. It is a type of prayre I guess. I wanted to post this a while ago but I was afraid it would make some people think of organized religion and scare them away. Anyway, I felt the strong urge inside me to share it now. It helps me to connect with my inner being and brings me closer to our creator and ET beings. Hope you can enjoy and use it too.

Peace guys! Dave 


Universal Creed

Our Creator, please bring us closer to all beings here on Earth and throughout the Stars.

Help us to connect with our beautiful Mother Earth and grow like trees branching out towards the stars.Help us to make our thought waves pure and to vibrate at the level of love.

Guide us to the path of Universal Consciousness and take all fear and darkness away from our thoughts.Bring us closer to our Universal Family in the stars. Help us to connect directly with beings on and off of this beautiful planet.

Show us the visions of other solar systems throughout the Universe. Our Creator, please bring all walks of life in your creation together.We long to be reunited from all parts of the Universe.

Some of us have already reached out and connected but many wait. Help us to see all Universal beings as One.
Through love and light, bring us all together and show us the doorways to Universal Consciousness.

Help us to connect using thought wave consciousness and bring us closer to our Universal family in the Stars.

Dave Hillis