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This page presents videos , documents and websites on perspectives and techniques on how to connect and communicate with ETs.


ET Contact Info YouTube Playlist - ET Contact Techniques


CSETI - Center for the Study of E.T. Intelligence

CSETI Website


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. CSETI Working Group Training Materials/Study Materials

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CE-5 Human Initiated Contact Video(Cut from "Sirius: The Film") (YouTube Video)    

                         . Click here for the full version of the"Sirius" Movie (YouTube Video)


Dr. Steven Greer Explains the Origin of the CE-5 Protocols (YouTube Video)


The Science Of Consciousness (YouTube Video)

This discussion by Dr. Steven Greer was given at the 2015 CSETI training in Vero Beach, Florida. 


. Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) Tutorial by Dr. Steven Greer (YouTube Video)

Dr. Steven Greer explains CTS (Coherent Thought Sequencing) which is one of the basic mind based techniques for making contact. CTS is used by CE5 teams around the world together with other techniques such as meditation and technologies such as lasers and the crop circle sounds to establish contact. Over the years these teams have been very successful in establishing peaceful contacts with other highly advanced civilizations. CTS is not meditation, however it is applied from within a meditative state. So researching your own mind and its capabilties is important in understanding these concepts.


. Remote Viewing Lecture By Dr. Steven Greer (YouTube Video)

Dr. Steven Greer explains the technique of what has been termed as remote viewing and how it is used as a part of the CSETI paradigm. During a CE5, remote viewing is one of the so called techniques of the mind, the other system used being the technological equipment. Remote Viewing is used to achieve a lock on, at the ET's communication & guidance systems, while guiding the ships into the current location of a CSETI team. The CSETI protocols are used all over the world by teams establishing peacefull contact with offworld visitors. 


Consciousness And Remote Viewing (YouTube Video)

Dr. Steven Greer describes the connection between consciousness and remote viewing. This discussion was given at the 2015 CSETI training in Vero Beach, Florida. 

CSETI  Meditations for Contact: "Structure of the Universe" and "ET Contact Meditation and CTS" (YouTube Video)

Charlie Balogh, a talented musician who has been to many CSETI expeditions and who has had many amazing ET experiences, will introduce two mediations by Dr. Greer. Both are from Dr. Greer's memoir: "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge".

The first meditation is "The Structure of the Universe". The second is "Contacting Extraterrestrial Beings and a Meditation and Prayer for the Earth." These are best enjoyed when you have some reflective time.


ET Communication Using Human Made Technology (YouTube Video)

Dr. Greer will be discussing with Emery Smith the unusual and amazing ways that the ETs interact with technological devices at the CSETI expeditions. All over the world, Mr. Smith and Dr. Greer have had many amazing experiences with magnetometers, radar detectors and cameras. These interactions have been escalating in intensity with almost musical signals coming through the magnetometers at Crestone 2011. 


. Dr. Steven Greer: Unbounded Mind - Practical Apllication Presentation (Video)

 Presentation given by Dr. Steven Greer in 2007 at the LA Conscious Life Expo which covers the following:

  • The nature of mind and how to experience the unbounded, cosmic aspect of consciousness always within us 
  • Meditation techniques to experience cosmic consciousness, achieve natural remote viewing and precognition abilities and how they apply to your daily life. 
  • An understanding of the cosmology, consciousness, advanced electromagnetic technologies, extraterrestrial civilizations and the world of spirit and awareness. A review of the nature of advanced extraterrestrial (and classified human technologies) and how they relate to mind, non-locality, and the larger cosmos 
  • The full spectrum of reality, unifying mind, body, material, astral and cosmic - and how as humans we can evolve to Universal beings by developing Universal, cosmic awareness.

Unbounded Mind - Practical Application Part 1 (YouTube Video)

Unbounded Mind - Practical Application Part 2 (YouTube Video)


CSETI ET Contact Sighting Presentation (YouTube)


Dr. Joseph Burkes

The Contact Protocols Explained (English Version)

The Contact Protocols  Explained (German Translated Version)

So You Want to Vector in Spacecraft?


Lyssa Royal Holt

What is Contact Work? (Website)


Don Daniels

Becoming A Cosmic Citizen Website

Don Daniels ET Contact Talk & Meditation (MP3 Link)

Don provides a talk regarding ET Contact, followed by a contact meditation which starts at 19:36


Remote Viewing


James Iandoli

 Contact Movement Network YouTube Channel


Why Become An Ambassador To The Universe (YouTube Video)


Who Can Initiate ET Contact? (YouTube Video)

Anyone! If you have a genuine curiosity and clear intent with non prejudice, you will easily make this connection and have an experience with a little time and effort.


What Does It Take To Be A Contact Worker? (YouTube Video)

A few values that are important for being a Contact Worker or an Ambassador to the Universe.


Who's Doing ET Contact? (YouTube Video)

Thousands of people! Get linked up and initiate contact with them! 

How To Do CE-5 ET Contact (YouTube Video)

A simple step by step guide on how to do CE-5. Human initiated contact with extraterrestrial people. Go out and try this!


Contact For Beginners (YouTube Video)

A few tips and insights for people new to contact. Its really a simple process. It just takes time and effort. Persistence and patience. It will happen.


Successful Tips For Contact (YouTube Video)

Some basic tips that can help facilitate contact.


Universal Mind and Contact (YouTube Video)

The importance of being in-tune with Universal Mind and having a connection with the Cosmos in Contact Work.


Meditation And Contact (YouTube Video)

The relationship between meditation and contact.

Meditations & The Importance of Regular Meditation Practice (YouTube Video)


The Contact Nexus (YouTube Video)

The state of awareness in which intimate contact experiences take place.

CE-5 Contact Work Daily Preparation (YouTube Video)

Overview of a typical day as a Contact Worker. Preparation plays an important role for Contact Workers and you will get real-time feedback from the ETs. So, a day in the life as a contact worker!


Global CE-5 Preparation  (Youtube Video)

A quick overview of what James will me doing for the preparation of a Global CE-5. 


Global CE-5 Preparation Example (YouTube Video)

Another example of a preparation meditation for upcoming Global CE-5 events


CE-5 Working Group Preparation (YouTube Video)

Another video by James on the CE-5 preparation subject with more tips and ideas for a working group set up.  


Contact Initiation Process Example 1 (YouTube Video)

James presents an example of one of many ways to initiate contact with extraterrestrial people, including some of James's insights and random thoughts!


Contact Initiation Process Example 2 (YouTube Video)

Another contact initiation process by James. 


Where To Do Contact (YouTube Video)

Some ideas concerning Contact locations.

What Is Contact Like? (YouTube Video)

James tries to briefly summarize what contact is like for himself.  


Contact as an Awakening Process (YouTube Video)

An important idea to understand. Overall, Contact Work and CE-5, Extraterrestrial Contact, and so on, is part of a much bigger picture. It is about and represents an awakening process that is taking place on this planet at this time. And has been for many years. But things seem to be reaching a new level. A new way of perceiving and being.                                              As Humanity Awakens these greater realms, ideas, manifestations, and realities will reveal themselves to us. Though, they have been there all along, we can now realize and understand their significance as we Awaken to the greater reality, to which the universe is.


 ET Contact And Channeling (YouTube Video)
Thoughts on channelling in relation to CE-5 contact.


Non Local CE-5

Non Local CE-5 Short Talk by James Landoli (YouTube Video) 

Non Local CE-5 Connection Confirmation (YouTube Video)


Ambassador Ehani 

Ambassador Ehani's Technique To Making ET Contact (YouTube Video)

A small video regarding the ability to see ships appear and signal in the sky , easily and effortlessly.
Please try to use your Etheric vision - Pineal vision - for better results. You will be able to connect with them energetically and see them both in the physical and the astral/etheric plane. 


ET Contact Meditation Discussion Including CSETI Presentation & Meditation  (YouTube Video)

A small discourse on Meditational practice for contact and communication, as well as a beautiful representation of Dr Steven Greer's videos and footage which was captured in the recent works of the CSETI / Contact Seminar programs , featuring ET sightings, ET ships, and manifestation of multidimensional technology.

The last part of the segment of this video includes a ; GUIDED MEDITATION ; by Dr Steven Greer, to make peaceful telepathic contact with Star visitors and Star civilizations.


David Griffin

 Introduction to CE-5 Protocols & Groups (YouTube Video)


Peter Maxwell Slattery

 CE-5 Introduction, Instruction & Tips (Website)


Bright Garlick

 An Introduction to How to Make ET Contact  (YouTube Video)


Crystal Anne Campton

How To Contact ETs and Interdimensionals (YouTube Video)

How to Contact Aliens and Beings of Light (Website Article)


David Kobza

 Extraterrestrial Contact Protocol (Scribd)

Ciara Rubin

How to Make Positive ET Contact (YouTube Video)


Mahima Rao

Communication with ETs/Higher Dimensional Entities (YouTube Video)


Miriam Delicado

How to Meet ETs? Are You Sure You Want To? (YouTube Video)


Rich West

How To Contact ETs & Explore the Universe (YouTube Video) 


Seth L

How to Meditate, How to Make CONTACT, How to Become Sovereign (YouTube Video)


Tracy Milne

How To Meet A Friendly ET (YouTube Video)




Gigi Young

Contact by Gigi Young (YouTube Video)

Contact can seem like an answer to things that we need to take responsibility for.
Contact is an internal process first and then external.
If you are not having contact in your dreams or meditations then clean up your life style, you may need to release some patterns or take some initiative as you have to be quite clear in order to remember ET experiences.


How to Connect with ET's (YouTube Video)


Finding Truth - Should it be Done Externally or Internally?(YouTube Video)


Bridget Nielsen

How to Increase ET Contact (YouTube Video)

This video is about how to accelerate and manifest more ET Contact in your life! One way to do that is by letting go of your judgements, preferences and even prejudice about looks and physical appearance. This is a key part of oneness and spiritual evolution. It will also help us accept other alien races and extraterrestrial civilizations.


How To Remember Your ET Contact Experiences (YouTube Videos) 


Preparing for ET Contact~ Shifting from an Individual to Collective! (YouTube Videos)

Bridget describes how shifting from being an individual into a collective is a critical part of preparing for contact with Extraterrestrials! 


Earth's Major Chakra Points and Vortexes - Locations for First ET Contact (YouTube Videos) 


Exploring the SouthWest for ET Contact & Knowing Your Land! (YouTube Videos)


Crystal Anne Campton

How To Open Your Third Eye by Crystal Anne Compton (YouTube Video)

How To Open Your Third Eye: Opening your third eye (sixth chakra) is the key to increasing your psychic and spiritual abilities. In this video Crystal discusses an easy-to-do meditation technique that will open your third eye and keep it open. 


The Third Eye Chakra - Physical and Spiritual Attributes (Website Article)


Sun Gazing and the Pineal Gland bu Crystal Anne Compton (YouTube Video)

The pineal gland is a small cone shaped gland in the center of our head. The pineal is the literal Third Eye spoken about for centuries. Discover why this gland is integral to our spiritual awakening and growth, and how we can make sure it's in the best condition possible.


The Most Psychic Times Of Day by Crystal Anne Compton (YouTube Video)

Did you know that there are two (maybe more) times of day in which you are HYPER PSYCHIC? It doesn't matter who you are or what you believe — you too can experience these states, effortlessly! 


The Silver Cord (Website Article)


Angels or Aliens? By Crystal Anne Campton (YouTube Video)

Is it possible to mistake an alien for an angel? How are these beings different and how can we recognize them for who and what they are? A discussion on light beings, interdimensionals, aliens and angels, plus the cosmology of creation.


ET/UFO Disclosure: Will It Happen? by Crystal Anne Campton (YouTube Video)


James Gilliland (ECETI)

7 Steps to Positive ET Contact (YouTube Video)


Roman Hines

Transcendental Minds: Consciouness, Meditation & the Ufo Connection (YouTube Video)


Tash (Metasouls)


Quantum Consciousness Evolution Model for 5th Dimensional Awakening & ET Contact (YouTube Video)

This presentation outlines a quantum consciousness model channeled by Sasha via Lyssa Royal at a contact workshop in Mt. Fuji, Japan 2015. The model was then integrated with some of the work I had been sharing online regarding consciousness evolution and it's practical applications in our daily lives.

This 2D model is intended to provide a basic conceptual understanding for the higher purpose of applying its principles directly. The evolution of quantum consciousness is a journey, not merely a mental exercise. We hope the model is utilized as a gateway for this purpose. 

Quantum Consciousness Evolution Model for Interdimensional Travel, ET Contact & Spiritual Awakening – 

Topics Addressed:
Δ Founders: The primary One consciousness, the embodiment of wholeness via the paradox of oneness and separateness that is you. It is the universal pulse of creation.
Δ Galactic Core: The Milky Way core, the conduit for the universal pulse of creation from which consciousness evolution unfolds.
Δ Wave/Energy/Oneness: The singular electromagnetic light force of infinite creative potential pulsed through the Galactic Core as an all-pervasive sea of probability.
Δ Particle/Matter/Separateness: The fulfillment of infinite creative potential, the means by which oneness can experience every potentiality of itself as relative to every other potentiality of itself. As wave/energy potential becomes “known” (by fragmented consciousness) it transforms into particalized matter (i.e.- see Dual Slit Experiment).
Δ Density: The energy mass per unit of fragmentation. Greater fragmentation = lower density. 
Δ Human Reality: Human awareness occupies 3rd Density (full physicality, 4 dimensions, 3 spacial + time) and is shifting to 4th and 5th Density (4 dimensions + ”concurrence of space-time”). 
Δ E.T. Reality: 4th and 5th Density is the “hot spot” blending individuality and subtle linearity with collective consciousness and non-linearity (the concurrence of multiple space-time lines). Most E.T. consciousness occupies this energetic band.
Δ Shared Reality: Humans can interact with E.T. consciousness in the overlap zone between 3rd and 4th Density as Humans learn to step-up and E.T.’s step-down their awareness.
Δ Wave/Particle Duality: Every photon of energy is simultaneously a wave (infinite probability) and a particle (fulfilled probability). Particles always maintains their connection to infinite oneness.
Δ Quantum Fluctuation: The harmonic oscillation between quantum wave/particle states. Per the Uncertainty Principle, the more one aspect of a photon is known (i.e.-momentum), making it more particle-like, the more another aspect is unknown (i.e.-position), making it more wave-like. 
Δ Zero-Point Energy Density: The infinite mass state of oneness within quantum fluctuation in which a state of “rest” is 100% known (i.e.-momentum) and its reciprocal state is infinite/unknown (i.e.-position). A vortex into this state occurs in the space-time between each quantum wave pulse. This is exploited for E.T. space travel and can also be accessed at the peak in-breath point of rest. 
Δ Quantum Entanglement: The ability for particles to transcend Space (Bell’s Theorem) and Time (Wheeler’s Delayed Choice Experiment) due to their innate property of wave oneness. 
Δ Physical Duality: 3rd Density manifestation of consciousness fragmentation and wave probability polarization, where all things are experienced in relative contrast to all other things.  
Δ Ego: The 3rd Density anchor for fragmented consciousness to maintain the immersive experience of duality through an illusory identity (mind) that keeps it polarized from all that is not identity.
Δ Beliefs: Learned expectations (conditions) equated with ego identity from which each “now moment” (what is) is judged against, resulting gap = state of non-peace that motivates its closure.  
Δ Surrender: The unconditional allowance and acceptance of what is through the dissolution of beliefs, resulting in gap closure, full integration of duality, and evolution of consciousness. 
Δ Consciousness Evolution: Re-integration of fragmented consciousness as proportional to unconditional movement through (and integration of) each “now moment” (what is). In 3rd Density, as consciousness shifts to new probabilities matching integration capacity, it is experienced as linear Space-Time.


Opening the Door to Extraterrestrial Contact (YouTube Video)

Extraterrestrial contact, UFO sightings, and other forms of interdimensional contact are not events of pure chance, but rather the byproduct of removing the belief structures that limit the probabilities of such events occurring. This is best exemplified through contact experiences that target certain individuals repeatedly and outside the normal statistics of chance. In this video I share one of my many such experiences as case in point and describe a brief contact experience with a UFO drone in the mountains of Idaho.


Interdimensional Contact with ETs & Evolution of Quantum Consciousness (Youtube Video)

InterDimensional Contact (IDC) is a focused initiative to evolve the human consciousness into higher dimensional realities in order to make contact with extraterrestrial life. It extends beyond the scope of NASA and SETI into the realm of consciousness-based contact. 

InterDimensional Contact is based on the premise that the leading theories of quantum physics require additional dimensions to exist beyond 4D to maintain their mathematical consistency (string theory, many-worlds interpretation, boson, etc.), and that our physical reality is in fact not physical, but rather a higher dimensional light-energy that is slowed down to a 4D version so as to be perceptible to the human senses, and that this 4D matter is created by our own observance (implying consciousness) as exemplified in the famous dual-slit experiment . 

Furthermore, 4D matter maintains a dual-state where it is simultaneously the higher vibrational pure light-energy as demonstrated through Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Every time we try to measure a photon of light to test its physicality other aspects of the photon become less physicalized and more wave-like, fluctuating between the 4D version and its higher source-state. If our observance creates the 4D version of reality from the higher dimensional source-state then we can likewise create the 5D version of reality. This 5th Dimensional version is the non-linearity of space and time, and we already are already beginning to create it as shown by experiments that break the bounds of space (Quantum Entanglement) and time (Wheeler’s Delayed Choice Experiment). Likewise, human awareness is expanding and taking us beyond 4D through modalities such as Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Meditative Channeling and numerous other methodologies.

Folks, it’s time we look beyond the outmoded bias of scientific materialism and enter the post-materialist phase of merging the studies of science and consciousness as a catalyst to evolve the human species into 5th dimensional beings. By evolving our consciousness into higher dimensional awareness we can naturally make contact with extraterrestrial life, as we believe there is a connection between higher intelligence and higher dimensional awareness. Therefore it us who should leave the shores of 4D in our search of extraterrestrial intelligent life rather than waiting to make contact in our current 4D state. Extraterrestrial won’t be landing on the White House lawn, they are already here waiting for us to contact them, but our 4D limited awareness is like a 2D line trying to understand a 3D wall, or a black and white television trying to receive a color transmission. 


Physical ET Contact - Are We Ready? (YouTube Video)

Before physical ET contact is made, before there is full disclosure, we as a species must first be open enough to hold planetary dialog as to how we wish to represent ourselves as a planet to a visiting alien race. Who will lead, mind or might, science or military or other? What is our stance and how do we respond to the myriad of scenarios? How do we prepare structurally, mentally, or otherwise? The fact that these questions are rarely raised is the first indicator of planetary readiness to make physical contact with extraterrestrial life.


E.T. Disclosure – Who’s preventing Extraterrestrial Disclosure? It’s not Who you Think! (YouTube Video)

Why do you think extraterrestrial life has not been disclosed by our government agencies like NASA? In the asking of this question we can learn something about extraterrestrial disclosure and the nature of E.T. contact. Moreover we can learn something about ourselves. We can begin to understand the conditions we create when we disempower ourselves, the path back to our re-empowerment and the subsequent interdimensional contact with alien life…and ourselves. E.T. disclosure is up to us.

Each person has to decide for themselves, there are no gurus nor single truth. For me, when I opened myself to the possibility, and refocused my intent from that of disempowerment (seeking answers through others) to that of empowerment (believing in my own ability to produce answers), then answers came in the form of dreams, synchronicities, and multiple physical experiences. Meditation and channeling can help, sure. I think that our collective disempowerment is disallowing our consciousness to evolve, and our consciousness must evolve if we wish to make contact because the path to contact is through the evolution of consciousness, not through telescopes and rockets. In addition, reality itself is just a mirror of ourselves reflecting back at us, and when we see situations like NASA not disclosing maybe we should consider how our own disbelief in ourselves is preventing us from truth, and the external reality of NASA holding back truth is an externalized reflection of this inner situation, and it is telling us 1) we aren't ready until we re-empower ourselves, and 2) seeking truth outside of ourselves is the wrong path to both our re-empowerment as well as to making contact. The Universe speaks to us, like those times when we forget our car keys and in the process of looking for them it leads us to find something else that we were meant to find. Sometimes we find ourselves.

Every one of my experiences has taught me that contact begins within, through heightened states of consciousness and surrendered intent. There's simply no other way to explain why certain people would have so many experiences. If it were purely physical and causal then I would expect contacts to be randomized, but I can attest from personal experience they are most certainly not, it completely defies natural probabilities.


Extraterrestrial Reptilian Contact (UFO Sighting, ET Spirit Guide Channeling & the Naga of Ta Prohm) (YouTube Video)

Extraterrestrial Reptilian Contact: What is an interdimensional contact experience like? It’s more than isolated UFO sightings or extraterrestrial / spirit guide channeling , it’s a holistic journey through a web of synchronicity that extends beyond 4D linear awareness. This is a personal account of making contact with an ancient reptilian inner-Earth race of 5th dimensional extraterrestrials and the synchronous connection with the Naga Reptilians of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia 20 years later.

In Cambodian legend, the Naga were a reptilian race of beings. The Naga King's daughter married the king of Ancient Cambodia, which is why Cambodians say that they are "Born from the Naga". The Seven-Headed Naga serpent statues represent the 7 races within Naga society, known as "the seven colors of the rainbow". The civilization once spanned a massive continent that eventually sunk, driving them underground to the inner earth.


Orion Keeper

Mastering Empathic Abilities & Having Conscious ET Contact (YouTube Video)

I have been asked many times, what could an individual do to have more conscious contact with Extra Terrestrials. 
I believe the first step is to master your Empathic abilities as best as you can, this will benefit you greatly in you day to day life as well. 
As an Empath you have to be capable to tell the difference between your own emotions and the emotions of others. By properly been able to work with your Empathic abilities you can greatly benefit the people around you, and all those who may seek guidance from you.


How Empathic Abilities Can Help In Having Conscious Contact With ETs by Orion Keeper (YouTube Video)

This is a continuation of a previous video of Mastering Empathic Abilities & having Conscious ET Contact. I try to explain thru my experiences how your empathic abilities can help in having conchies contact with extraterrestrials. 


Miriam Delicado

11:11 Phenomenon by Miriam Delicado (YouTube Video)

Miriam discusses the phenomenon that has been sweeping the world over, 11:11. What does it mean? How can we tap into the moment we see 11:11 to gain insight into our lives and what our path is life is. Deep spiritual awakening. It is much more than making a wish. It is a gift.