ET Contact Techniques


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CSETI - Center for the Study of E.T. Intellegence / Dr. Steven Greer 

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CSETI Working Group Training Manual


A CE-5 Handbook by Cielia Hatch & Mark Koprowski 

A CE-5 Handbook PDF File


Rahma - Central & South America Contact Groups

Ra= Sun,   H = Human  , Ma = Earth / Gaia

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Non Local CE-5

This is a specialized group where individuals and groups can connect non locally with other Contact Workers from anywhere around the world when going out for contact. 

Inviting others to join you non locally, sharing experiences and trying to synchronize with other groups non locally is the main function of Non Local CE-5. 
The vision for this contact approach is that once the non local contact  group is in a steady coherent flow, they can then coordinate events non locally to help assist newer groups, coordinate a mass sighting or contact(if appropriate), and join in on Global and Special Contact events that other such contact groups have organized to join in and assist them in their efforts. These are just beginning idea's of what such a group is capable of. 

Non Local CE-5 Short Talk by James Landoli (YouTube Video) 

Non Local CE-5 Connection Confirmation (YouTube Video)

. World Time Zones (Website) 


Dr. Joseph Burkes

The Contact Protocols Explained (English Version)

The Contact Protocols  Explained (German Translated Version)

So You Want to Vector in Spacecraft?


Lyssa Royal Holt

What is Contact Work? (Website)

ET Contact Series: The Quantum Map Part 1  (YouTube Video)

ET Contact Series: The Quantum Map Part 2  (YouTube Video)

ET Contact Series: The Quantum Map Part 3  (YouTube Video)

ET Contact Series: The Quantum Map Part 4 (YouTube Video)


Don Daniels

Becoming A Cosmic Citizen Website

Don Daniels ET Contact Talk & Meditation (MP3 Link)

Don provides a talk regarding ET Contact, followed by a contact meditation which starts at 19:36


Remote Viewing


James Iandoli

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Ambassador Ehani 

Ambassador Ehani's Technique To Making ET Contact (YouTube Video)

A small video regarding the ability to see ships appear and signal in the sky , easily and effortlessly. 
Please try to use your Etheric vision - Pineal vision - for better results. You will be able to connect with them energetically and see them both in the physical and the astral/etheric plane. 


ET Contact Meditation Discussion Including CSETI Presentation & Meditation  (YouTube Video)

A small discourse on Meditational practice for contact and communication, as well as a beautiful representation of Dr Steven Greer's videos and footage which was captured in the recent works of the CSETI / Contact Seminar programs , featuring ET sightings, ET ships, and manifestation of multidimensional technology.

The last part of the segment of this video includes a ; GUIDED MEDITATION ; by Dr Steven Greer, to make peaceful telepathic contact with Star visitors and Star civilizations.


Peter Maxwell Slattery

 CE-5 Introduction, Instruction & Tips (Website)


Bright Garlick

 An Introduction to How to Make ET Contact  (YouTube Video)


CE-5 Academy

Easy Ways to Make ET Contact Anywhere, Anytime! (YouTube Videos)



CE-5 UK Protocols (Zip File)


Crystal Anne Campton

How To Contact ETs and Interdimensionals (YouTube Video)

How to Contact Aliens and Beings of Light (Website Article)


David Kobza

 Extraterrestrial Contact Protocol (Scribd)

ET Let's Talk

Global CE-5 Initiative ET Contact Event Instructions (PDF)


ET Protocols

Advanced Protocols (Website / PDF)


Johan Ekbom

The CE-5 Protocols, Simplified (PDF)


Mahima Rao

Communication with ETs/Higher Dimensional Entities (YouTube Video)


Mathew - A Quantum G'Day

. How to Contact ET (YouTube Video)

CE-5 Protocols (YouTube Video)

Coherent Thought Sequencing and Projecting! (Guided CTS) (YouTube Video)

. How to Enter the Quantum World (YouTube Video)


Mike Murburg - Tampa CE-5

The Princeton Protocols: A Beginners Guide and Field Manual for CE-5 ET/NHIB Contact  


Miriam Delicado

How to Meet ETs? Are You Sure You Want To? (YouTube Video)


Rae Dove

How to Make Contact (PDF)


Rahma - Enrique Villanueva

Rhama Mission Practice Guidelines and Protocols (PDF)


Rich West

How To Contact ETs & Explore the Universe (YouTube Video) 


Tracy Milne

How To Meet A Friendly ET 1 (YouTube Video)

How to Meet a Friendly ET 2 (YouTube Video)

How to Meet a Friendly ET 3 (YouTube Video)

How to Meet a Friendly ET 4 (YouTube Video)

. How to Meet a Friendly ET 5 (YouTube Video)

How to Meet a Friendly ET 6 (YouTube Video)