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  CE-5 Working Group Facebook Pages

  Please  check the Directory  to find a local Working Group Facebook Page. 




 CE-5 Initiative Facebook Group

This page has been created and dedicated to further the effort and purpose of the CE-5 Initiative specifically. Posts of Working groups, CE-5 events (locally or globally) will be posted and would be appreciated as well. Anybody wanting to take part is welcome. The means in which we have been reaching out to Extraterrestrial civilizations is through Thought, Light, and Sound. That is: Thought projection, telepathy, meditation. Laser and light signaling in pattern or code. Crop circle tones and the CSETI tones.

This is a great place for people to post there video's and field work experiences. If anyone would like to share ideas, tips or other information that would be great as well.- 


 Non local CE-5 Contact Facebook Group

This is a specialized group where individuals and groups can connect non locally with other Contact Workers when going out for contact. 
Inviting others to join you non locally, sharing experiences and trying to synchronize with other groups non locally is the main function of this group! 


 CE-5 Advanced Global Facebook Group

This is a group for people who have advanced experiences in doing CE-5 meditations and coherent thought sequencing (CTS). It's purpose is spiritual growth and to learn from each other to enhance the CTS and Remote Viewing skills and to share experiences. Please refrain from posting off topic messages.


 CE-5 ETLetsTalk.com - SIRIUS Facebook Group

Facebook group page related to http://ETLetsTalk.com/


 CE5 Inititiative: Make Contact with ETs Using Dr. Steven Greer Protocols Facebook Group Page


 CE-5 Initiative Contact. Consciousness. Conversations Facebook Group

This Group is for people who are involved in CE-5 Initiative, making direct contact with ET using consciousness, sound, light, thought and wish to network with others and form CE-5 Initiative Working Group:


 CE-5 Initiative Working Groups Global Facebook Group

This group is an Information Exchange Portal for members who are looking for others to team-up with and form a CE-5 Initiative Working Group or find an existing CE-5 Initiative Working Group in their Geographical Location around the world.


CE-5 Universal Global Mission Facebook Group

This is a group for people who have advanced experiences in doing CE-5 meditations and coherent thought sequencing (CTS). It's purpose is spiritual growth and to learn from each other to enhance the CTS and Remote Viewing skills and to share experiences.


Contact Methods with Extraterrestrials


Cosmic Consciousness and CE5 Facebook Group

In this group we will explore many concepts and ideas related to Galactic Beings and the Angelic Hierarchy in a safe, non-fear-based setting. These discussions will include historical, as well as present day events that have shaped our understanding of our existence up to this point in history. We will explore ways in which we can move beyond fear-based concepts which have so often permeated our consciousness in relation to our multidimensional awareness.


 CSETI Facebook Group

This is a discussion forum named after the group CSETI. It is not affiliated or created by CSETI. This group is for the open and mature discussion of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. 


 Dr. Steven Greer - ET Contact Facebook Group Page


 ET Contact Group Facebook Group


 Europe ET Contact Group


 First Contact Specialists Facebook Group

The intention of this group is to initiate Open Contact with benevolent ET civilizations as well as to help increase awareness of their existence. 
The purpose is to support the positive advancement and evolution of the human species – shifting from an Earth-centric civilization to a galactic civilization.
By joining this group, you are in effect ‘casting your vote’ to invite open physical contact with benevolent ET civilizations that is mutually beneficial for all civilizations involved. 


 Kundalini CE-5 Connection Facebook Group


 Paths To Contact Facebook Group

This group was started to organize the "Paths to Contact" book project, and continues for discussion related to personal contact experiences. Preferably, this means your own contact experiences so their can be discussion, but recorded interviews with people who have had positive contact experiences are okay.
None of us has all the answers. We are sharing information in order to arrive at a better understanding.
This group focuses on the positive. We are ambassadors of peaceful contact with other civilizations.


 Share Your ET Experiences Facebook Group

This group is a safe haven for discussing personal ET experiences. This is a secret group and will remain so. Please invite people who you think would enjoy this forum.

The posting guidelines are: Only posts regarding personal ET experiences, and discussion of same, are allowed. Kindness is a requirement in all responses. Rude and unkind posts and responses are not allowed. Reposts of articles, images, videos, etc., that somebody else created are not allowed - post only your own content. Since this is a secret group, copying and reposting of anything posted here by anyone other than the author is not allowed. Offending posts and members will be removed.


 Socal Close Encounter of the 5th Kind - CE5


 SPECTRA - ET Contact UK

Society for the Promotion of ET Contact, Training & Research (UK) 

An organisation dedicated to the cause of CE5, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, offering outreach, training and research into the subject of human initiated contact experience. 

We are a dedicated team of Contact Workers in the UK with the shared intent of helping to further establish an organised and dedicated network of contact activists here in the British Isles, working together and with the global CE5 community towards the same goal of peaceful contact. 




 Contact Underground Facebook Page

Dr. Joseph Burkes's Facebook page where he shares his Human Initiated Contact Experiences. 


  Cosmic & Conscious Truths Facebook Page

Cosmic & Conscious Truths is a page dedicated to help the understanding of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Conscious Awareness & making contact events.


  CSETI Facebook Page

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE — CSETI was founded in 1990 by Dr. Steven M. Greer, who is the International Director. CSETI's projects include the CE-5 Initiative, and the Disclosure Project.


  ET Skywatch Facebook Page

ETSkywatch is about Initiating CE-5 contact protocols (close encounters of the fifth kind) with enlightened extraterrestrials.


  JCETI Facebook Page

Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 


  Mass Contact Facebook Page

Reaching out to extraterrestrial civilizations in a big way! We are attempting to create extraterrestrial contact on a massive scale!


  Non Local CE-5 Facebook Page

What Is Non Local CE-5?Non Local CE-5 is a term to describe when a group of people unite through consciousness, mind, thought, and intention to initiate a close encounter with extraterrestrials, or, UFO intelligence, from different locations. Or, more easily described as; people joining together from different locations for CE-5 and Contact Work in a combined, group effort. Regardless of distance or timezone.Using this method, people have been able to have UFO sightings and close encounters, of various types, with UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. Even seemingly collaborative and corroborating experiences. Which is remarkable.Because of the underlying principles of Non Local CE-5(non locality, consciousness, ect), distance is not a limiting factor for the participants involved. Depending on your ability to connect with a group Non Locally using intention and consciousness. 

In my opinion, Non Local CE-5 is a tremendous part of CE-5/Contact work, and The CE-5 Initiative itself. Especially considering modern day technology and the current utilization of social networking platforms. This gives us new ways and opportunities to utilize the principles of CE-5. That being said, Non Local CE-5 has a critical role to play in the way we participate in CE-5 and Contact Work.I suggest we make the best of it and further explore Non Local CE-5 on a larger scale and see how far we can take it!

  The Contact Movement Network Facebook Page

An effort to unite and network the Contact Movement and to educate the public about ET contact. http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCiynoLqrJOVuLFixnjyk2NQ


. Extraterrestrial Beings Discussion Facebook Group

Welcome to the Extraterrestrial Beings Discussion Group — your place to encounter a positive experience while researching the Extraterrestrial Being subject on the Facebook Social Media website. This group was formed for those who have had positive experience(s) with Extraterrestrial Beings, their craft(s), or sighting(s) of various ET beings and their craft(s), Extraterrestrial Close Encounter Contact or other witnessed sky anomalies associated with Extraterrestrials. Share your Positive Contact Experience or ask for referrals to others who have associated group pages on the Facebook website.