Guided Meditations And Mantras

                                                            Contact Universe  

The following is a list of Et Contact Meditation videos to help you make contact and/or inspire you to create your own meditations to do so. 

Mantras and Chants are also incuded as these are also known to help with making ET contact. 

If you believe that you have created and recorded a meditation (video or audio) to make contact that can be helpful for others and which you would be willing to share on this website, please don't hesitate to contact an admin for us to listen to it and potentially add it to this page. 


ET Contact Info YouTube Playlist

ET Contact Info YouTube Playlist - Guided Meditations & Mantras



. The Art of Meditation by Tom Crum (PDF File)

ET Connections - Meditation Tips (YouTube Video)

. Meditation and Contact Work by James Iandoli(YouTube Video)

. The Importance of Regular Meditation Practice by James Iandoli (YouTube Video)

Meditation 101 & Benefits of Meditation for CE-5 Work by Rae Dove (Website Article)

Meditation Tips by Rae Dove (Website Article)

. Meditation Tips and Techniques by AUSETI (Website Article)

. Consciousness & Meditation by AUSETI (Website Article)

. Meditation - Benefits & Tips by Matthew-A Quantum G'Day (YouTube Video) 

How to Meditate, How to Make Contact, How to Become Sovereign by Seth L (YouTube Video)

. Clearing by James Gilliland 

Clearing by Peter Maxwell Slattery

. Shielding and Grounding Meditation




CSETI ET Contact Meditation, CTS & Prayer For Earth by Dr. Steven Greer

  CSETI Website

   CSETI ET Contact Tool App for Phone & Tablets. Apple iPhone & Ipad – Fieldwork tools and training

                                                                                          . Android – Fieldwork tools and training

. CSETI Meditation & CTS (Original) (Website Audio)

. CSETI Meditation & CTS with Ambient Music (YouTube Video)

CSETI Meditation and CTS with Ambient Binaural Sounds (YouTube Video)

CSETI Meditations: "Structure of the Universe" and  "ET Contact Meditation and CTS"

. CSETI Meditation: :Structure of the Universe" and "ET Contact Meditation and CTS" with Nature Sounds and  Chants (YouTube Video)

CSETI Cosmic Consciousness - Zen Meditation (Website Audio)

        . Track 1 - Prologue 

        . Track 2 - Meditation

        . Track 3 - Mantra


ET Contact Meditation by Sacha (Channeled by Lyssa Royal Holt)

Sacha ET Contact Meditation (YouTube Video. Meditation starts at 24:55 minutes) 


ET Contact Meditation by Bentinho Massaro

Meditation to connect with Extraterrestrials: 

 Bentinho Massaro ET Contact Meditation Video 1 (YouTube Video)

 Bentinho Massaro ET Contact Meditation Video 2 (YouTube Video) 


ET Contact Meditation By Deb Warren (OCSETI)

Short version of Dr. Greer's CSETI CE-5 Meditation

 OCSETI Quick-N-Dirty ET Contact Meditation Video (YouTube Video)


ET Contact Meditation by Don Daniels

Don provides a talk regarding ET Contact, followed by a contact meditation which starts at 19:36

Don Daniels ET Contact Talk & Meditation (Website Audio)


ET Contact Meditation by Melanie

Contact Meditation for Individuals

Contact Meditation - Fire Elemental

Contact Meditation - Water Element

Telepathic Invitation Meditation


ET Contact Meditation By Nancy Hundrup

Meditation to connect with our star family and friends:

 Nancy Hundrup ET Contact Meditation Video (YouTube Video)

 Nancy Hundred ET Contact Meditation Text


ET Contact Meditation by Soso Letour

 CE-5 Protocol for Meditation, Contemplation and ET Contact (YouTube Video)


ET Contact Meditation by Tamara Scott Crowley

Contact Meditation


ET Contact Meditation by Trevor Barton

A meditation for preparing to contact extra-terrestrial intelligence. From the album Eti, available worldwide in download stores.

Trevor Barton ET Contact Guided Meditation (Soundcloud) 


ET Contact Meditation by Tracey Milne

A channelled message from The Intergalactic Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light Beings has being especially designed to help you make your first contact with a friendly alien. The first of a series of messages from Canadian psychic medium Tracey Milne. Try this guided visualization for yourself and see just how easy it can be to meet a new Galactic friend.

Tracey Milne ET Contact Guided Meditation (YouTube Video)


Guided Meditation for ET Contact by Arjun

Wieteke and Arjun offer A short meditation on contact.

Arjun - Contact Meditation (YouTube Video)


Guided Meditation for ET Contact by Elizabeth Trutwin

Meditation to connect with our Galactic Family:

Elizabeth Trutwin ET Contact Meditation Video (YouTube Video)


Guided Meditation to Make ET Contact by Andrew Keith

Meditation for those wanting to make contact with ETs. 

 Andrew Keith ET Contact Meditation Video (YouTube Video)


Guided Meditation To Contact ETs

This guided journey is your channel for communicating with extraterrestrials. It was specially designed by a life-long contactee under the guidance of their instruction. It uses special sounds, tones and language that will allow you access to the internal communication network that has been in place for a long, long time.

Contact ETs On Your Own (YouTube Video)


Meet Your ET Guide Meditation by Gigi Young

Gigi Young ET Guide Contact Meditation (YouTube Video)


The Universal Creed & ET Contact CTS Meditation Visuals

This video was designed specifically as a visualization tool to assist in vectoring Extraterrestrials and their Consciously guided craft's to your location by reaching a medatitve state.

 The Universal Creed & ET Contact CTS Meditation Visuals (YouTube Video)

 The Universal Creed Text




Sound and Mantra Article (Website Article)


  "IM NA MAH" Mantra


. "IM NA MAH" Explanation by Steven Greer (YouTube Video - go to 43:45 mns into the video)

"Im Na Mah" by Dr. Steven Greer (YouTube Video)



  HU Mantra

HU Mantra Introduction by Alaje (YouTube Video)

The sound-frequency HU is the sound-frequency of the Source. The word "HUman" derive from the sound HU, and means that we are all part of the Cosmic Awareness, the Source. The sound mantra HU has nothing to do with any religions or belief systems. The sound HU is higher spiritual science and creates a vibration that is enhancing our consciousness in order to connect easier to the Cosmic Awareness. Singing the sound HU retunes your nervous-system just like tuning a musical instrument and draws us closer to a higher state of consciousness. The sound HU is harmonizing the atoms and Chakra points and its cleaning negative frequencies. This releases us from the negative vibrations such as fear, anger, sadness, depression or ego, hate, arrogance and jealousy and we achieve a HU-MAN-TRAnsformation. The sound-frequency HU is pronounced in English Hee-Yuu  

HU Chant - The Sound From Heaven (YouTube Video)

HU Mantra  (YouTube Video) 


  OM Mantra

  OM Mantra (YouTube Video)


  Sankrit Mantra 

CE-5 Sankrit Mantra by Roman Hines (YouTube Video)
Sanskrit Mantra and meaning
As long as the intent is behind it you may chant it however you like. Roman chants it with background meditation music. 

Sarveshaam "Svastir" Bhavatu 
Sarveshaam "Shaantir" Bhavatu 
Sarveshaam "Purnnam" Bhavatu 
Sarveshaam "Manggalam" Bhavatu 
(Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih)

May there be "Well-Being" in all
May there be "Peace" in all
May there be "Fulfilment" in all
May there be "Providence" in all
(Peace, Peace, Peace)



Chakra Meditation by Trevor Barton (YouTube Video)


Water Meditation for Chakra Balancing and Healt by Crystal Anne Compton (Website Article)

This is a powerful and effective meditation to promote and maintain optimum chakra health.  Before beginning this meditation make sure you are in a quiet space, sitting or lying comfortably, as you would with any other meditative practice.


How to Achieve Dynamic Meditation by Crystal Anne Compton (Website Article)