Interviews With ET Contact Workers

This page provides a collection of interviews with ET contact workers. 

ET Contact Info YouTube Playlist - ET Contact Worker Interviews


Ann Gelsheimer

Ann Gelsheimer Interview by Dr. Joseph Burkes on E.P.I.C Voyages Radio, 02-20-2017 (Website Audio) 


Dr. Steven Greer - CSETI & Disclosure Project Director

Dr. Steven Greer on Dr. J Radio (YouTube Video)

. Dr. Greer Interviewed by Joe Rogan 2013 (YouTube Video)

. Dr. Greer interviewed by Art Bell 2013 (YouTube Video) 

. Dr. Greer Interviewed by Ann Geisheimer on Conscious Evoulution Radio, 12-5-2014 (Website Audio Link)


Dr. Joseph Burkes - Retired LA-CSETI Coordinator

. Dr. Joseph M. Burkes interviewed by Linda Irvin, 22.10.2013 (Blog Talk Radio))

Dr Burkes Statement about the show: I describe my personal journey, how and why I got involved with the contact movement. For the first time in a recorded interview I reveal in detail how during fieldwork I received a communication from UFO intelligence that Dr Greer described as a "telepathic override." In advance of the actual UFO sighting witnessed by my entire team of seven UFO investigators, I was "made aware” of when, where in the sky, and the number of UFOs that were going to appear. The subsequent multiply witnessed sighting matched the information that I had received in advance.

. Dr. Joseph Burkes Interview by Nancy du Tertre, 01-2014 (Blog Talk Radio)

. Dr. Joseph Burkes Interview by Adrian Boniardi, 10-2015 (YouTube Video)

Dr. Joseph Burkes Interview by Erica Lukes on "UFO Audit", 11-2015 (YouTube Video)

Dr. Joseph Burkes Interview on E.P.I.C Voyages, 12-2016 (YouTube Video) 

. Dr. Joseph Burkes Interview on E.P.I.C Voyages, 04-10-2017 (Website Audio)


Dr. Marilyn Gewacke - Northeast CE-5

Dr. Marilyn Gewacke Interview by Dr. Joseph Burkes on E.P.I.C Voyages Radio, 03-20-2017 (Website Audio)

. WhyIsThisTrue Interview, 02-04-2017:  . Video One (YouTube Videos)

                                                                    . Video Two 

                                                                    . Video Three 

. Dr. Marilyn Gewacke Interview on Lost Knowledge with Debbie West and Lissa Manning (YouTube Video)

. Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Marilyn Gewacke: The Science of Consciousness, 11-09-2012 (YouTube Video)

Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Marilyn Gewacke: The Golden Craft, 11-09-2012 (YouTube Video)

. Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Marilyn Gewacke: Experiences of the New York Working Group, 08-10-2012 (YouTube Video)

. Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Marilyn Gewacke: Human Potential and CSETI Protocols, 02-24-2012 (YouTube Video)


Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Diane Saunders - Northeast CE-5

. Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Diane Saunders Interview by Ann Gelsheimer on Conscious Evolution Radio, 02-20-2015 (Website Audio Link)

. Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Diane Saunders: Report on February 2012 Scottsdale CSETI Expedition (YouTube Video)


Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Jennifer Westacott - Northeast CE-5

. Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Jennifer Westacott Interview by Ann Gelsheimer on Conscious Evolution Radio, 05-08-2015 (Website Audio Link)


Don Daniels - Author of "Evolution Though Contact"/ Disclosure Project

Don's website: Becoming A Cosmic Citizen

Don Daniels Interviewed on Starseed Radio Academy (Blog Talk Radio)

Don Daniels Interviewed on Open Minds UFO Radio (Podbay.fm)

Don Daniels interviewed by Mel Fabregas (YouTube)


Enrique Villanueva - Rahma Peruvian Group

ET Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness (YouTube Video)

Enrique Villanueva Interview by Paola Harris (YouTube Video)

. Enrique Villanueva Interview on Portal to Ascension (YouTube Video)

Enrique Villanueva Interviewed by Adrian Boniardi (YouTube Video)

Enrique Villanueva Interview by Wendy Garnett (Website Audio link)

. Enrique Villanueva Interview by Tony Camacho (Article)

. Enrique Villanueva Interview by Dr. Joseph Burkes on E.P.I.C Voyages, 09-03-2016 (Website Audio Link)

. Enrique Villanueva Interview by Ann Geisheimer on Conscious Evolution Radio, 11-21-2014 (Website Audio Link)


Grant Haygood - Colorado CE-5 Working Group

 Grant Haygood on ET-First Contact Radio (YouTube Video)


Gregory Sullivan - JCETI Director

JCETI Director Gregory Sullivan Interview with Jon Kelly (YouTube Video)

Greg Sullivan JCETI on The Hundredth Monkey Radio Aug 31 2014 (YouTube Video)

Greg Sullivan on The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show (YouTube Video)


James Gililland - ECETI Founder

James Gilliand Interview at Star Knowledge Conference (YouTube Video)

. James Gilliland Interviewed by Robert Perala (YouTube Video)


Jamie Bazil - CE-5 Bristol Working Group

. Jamie Bazil Interviewed on the KTPF Paranormal Community Talk Show (02-2015) (YouTube Video)


Jeff Becker - Central Indiana CSETI Working Group Coordinator

  Jeff Becker is the Editor /Author of the book "Paths Through Contact". 

Jeff Becker Interviewed by Dr. Joseph Burkes, July 11 2016 (Website Audio)

. James Gilliland (ECETI) & Jeff Becker (CSETI), April 23 2013 (YouTube Video)

Paths to Contact LIVE with Jeff Becker on UFOPM (YouTube Video)

CSETI's Jeff Becker interviewed by Starseed Support Radio, 29.9.2013 (YouTube)

altPOV.radio broadcast #9: Jeff Becker (YouTube Video)


Kay McCullock - Co-Founder and Coordinator of C.D.R.G. Australia

Kay McCullock on The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show (YouTube Video)


Kosta Makreas - Founder of ETLetsTalk.org & Global CE-5 Initiative

EDDIE BRAVO RADIO - Kosta Makreas (06/16/2013) (YouTube Video)

ET First Contact Radio with Kosta Makreas & Hollis Polk (YouTube Video)

Skywatchers Radio With Hollis Polk & Kosta Makreas (05/20/2015) (Youtube Video)

Huccolo TV with Kostra Makreas & Hollis Polk (01-10-2016) (YouTube Video)

Exopolitics Hungary with Kosta Makreas (04-2014) (Youtube Video)

Kosta Makreas on UFOPM (05-2013) (YouTube Video)

Kosta Makreas - The Vibin' Higher Podcast (YouTube Video)

Debra East Interviews Kosta Makreas (YouTube Video)


Lee A. Moorer M.D. - CSETI Training Participant in Crestone, CO

 Joe Rogan Questions Everything interview with Lee A. Moorer M.D. (YouTube Video)


Lyssa Royal Holt


. Calling UFOs - 2010 Paranormal Matrix TV Show Report on Lyssa's Contact Field Work (Youtube Video)

. Lyssa Royal Holt Interview with Reuben Langdon on Interview with E.D. (YouTube Video)

Sacha - Cosmic Family Perspectives on Interview with E.D. (YouTube Video)


Martyn Ellis - CeRPER Director

CeRPER International Interview with Galactic Connectio.com (YouTube Video)

Martyn Ellis on UFOAM (YouTube Video)

Martyn Ellis Answers the Question on Why to Join CE-5 Contact Gatherings and Trainings (YouTube Video)

Martyn Ellis on Brilliant Essence Radio (Blog Talk Radio)


Mark Sims - CE-5 Michigan

Mark Sims on Epic Voyages with Guest Host Dr. Joseph Burkes (Website Audio)


Montreal CSETI Group

Claire & Nick of CSETI Montreal Interviewed on The Unexplained Show (Podcast)


Peter Maxwell Slatery - ECETI Australia

Peter Maxwell Slattery on the SethShow, 05-2016 (YouTube Video) 

. Peter Maxwell Slattery Interview Playlist (YouTube Playlist)


Ricky Butterfass - CSETI , Disclosure Project, CO CE-5 Work Group

altPOV.radio broadcast #7: Ricky Butterfass (YouTube Video)

Ricky Butterfass Interview, 06-13-2009 (YouTube Video)

Sky Watchers Guest Ricky C. Butterfass (YouTube Video)


Sixto Paz Wells - Rahma Peruvian Group

Sixto interviewed  by Paola Harris (Website Article)


Interviews With Multiple ET Contact Workers

Kosta Makreas and Ricky Butterfass: ET Contact - Truth Connections Radio (YouTube Video)

Kosta Makreas, Ricky Butterfass, Martyn Ellis: Global Contact - Truth Connections Radio (Youtube Video)

Interview With CeRPER & JCETI Group Directors (YouTube Video)

ET Contact: James Gilliland Greg Sullivan and Jon Kelly (YouTube Video)

Martin Chicoine vs Jeremy Ray Interview by Joseph Burkes on E.P.I.C. Voyages Radio, 04-17-2017 (Website Audio)