James Iandoli - CE-5 Field Work

CE-5 Field Work is an important component of The CE-5 Initiative and ET Contact. It is a proactive step towards inter-stellar relations. It is important we take this step as active members of our civilization to reach out to other ET civilizations instead of being passive observers. We have so much to look forward to, together. While meditation and higher states of awareness may be the spirit of CE-5, field work is the physical body, or physical act of CE-5.

Field Work can be challenging at times. There are many circumstances to consider. Depending on your location weather can be one obstacle, so you and your working group will have to be well prepared. Another aspect you may want to consider is site security. Make sure there is a member or members assigned to keeping a watchful eye out around the site for possible discrepancies or intruders. Be mindful of your surroundings including wild-life. The working group should also be aware of the field sites terrain and be familiar with it.

Another challenge of CE-5 Filed Work is getting people together! Getting a group of people who are serious and dedicated to CE-5 can be difficult at times. Be mindful that everyone is working on a different schedule, have families and other obligations. We cannot successfully continue CE-5 work if our lives are in a constant state of chaos. Group members should be lent courtesy and given the benefit of the doubt. Life can be very difficult, especially when you are involved in this type of work on top of everything else! Getting in a constant flow or pattern of going out for CE-5 Field Work regularly can be very helpful and is in- fact ideal. Even going out once a month during the Global CE-5 Events together as a working group is something great to be a part of.

Group coherence is a very important factor of CE-5 Field work. It may even be considered the foundation of the Working Group itself. With group coherence everything else falls into place. Communicating clearly and effectively is a large art of group coherence. Be honest with group members without worrying what others may think is something you may have to get use to at first, but when the members of the group get to that level of comfort with each other, it will reflect tremendously in the groups Contact Experiences! Collectively and individually.

Assigning members to individual functions within the group can also be helpful. Certain group members may be comfortable with the field equipment, others may be more comfortable and gifted with meditations and different levels of awareness and may be designated transmitters or receivers. One member of the group may be skilled at organizing the events and groups and would make great coordinators. It is a successful combination of all of these variables that make a great CE-5 Working Group what it is, not just one function or individual.

Remember the importance of getting together with your CE-5 Working Group and doing field work, whether you are out in the field, or in the comfort of your homes. The CE-5 Field Work plays an important role in establishing deeper and one day open and Global Contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations through-out the Cosmos. Building a working group, especially an effective working group can take time. Have patience, work together and there is nothing your group will not be able to accomplish together. You will be amazed how wonderful and transdimensional the experiences you will all share together if you work together honestly and consistently.