James Iandoli - ET Manifestations and Communication

Having an understanding of ET manifestations and Communicationcan be a useful tool for you when you are out under the stars, or evenin your own home, doing contact work.

ET's have technology that interfaces with directed or coherentthought. ET technology also has trans-luminal capacities (faster thanthe speed of light) which means they can be and interact beyond thehuman range of sight. Some manifestations may not be visible to thehuman eye but may be visible with infrared or night vision equipment,using certain methods of photography (extended exposure time, ect.).ET's may also manifest in the sound/vibrational state that you mayoften hear or feel while using the CE-5 protocols. They may alsoappear in the form of celestial or scintillating light as well as brightflashes of light. Often during field work the ET's will manifest as orbseither in or around the group. They may also communicate throughelectrical devices, especially those specifically around for the use offield work. ET's also have the ability to be present in your perceptions,so that you may perceive an ET Being without being able to actuallysee it with your naked eye. All these forms and methods ofmanifestations are very important and equally relevant.

Be aware of ’alleged satellites’ and ’alleged meteors’ and if you mayhappen to see one, attempt to communicate via Conscious Mind in anun-forceful manner and patiently await a response. You may actuallybe witnessing an ET craft. You will have to discern for yourself, whichis best to be discussed with the working group.

ETI may also appear in what are called ’flashbulbs’ in which a craftmay ’blip in’ or flash very quickly in and out of our reality. They have

been known to do this in a single flash, or as long as a continuing inand out manner for over 20 minutes! Sometimes out in the fi eld weexperience ’Sky Quakes’ where the entire sky will flash very brightly,or there will be a fan of luminous light that seems to come out of nowhere there is no weather related phenomena, but is in fact anExtraterrestrial manifestation.

(There are many, many more manifestations. More will be added inthe future. These are just a few examples that are very common whenbeing involved in ET Contact.)



Possible ET Manifestations


 Flash bulbs  

Sometimes a star-like looking manifestation that mayappear for a brief moment, or continuously appear and then re-appear. They may be very luminous or other times may be verysubtle. Flash bulb manifestations may also appear so quickly that youwill have to be keen or sensitive to perceive them.


 Slow Moving Star Crafts -  ‘Alleged’ satellites (SlowWalkers)

ET craftmay appear high into the sky and look very much like satellites. Inreality, they may be very slow moving craft observing and connectingwith the group. It will be up to the group to effectively communicatewith the craft (if it is indeed an ET craft, that is) and the Beings onboard. You may communicate through Conscious Mind, laser
signaling (preferably in sequence), or some other creative way. It is agood idea to mark the times of when these object was seen andcorrelate them with a satellite chart (Heavens Above, or Smart PhoneApps like Space Junk and Heavens Above) for further confirmation andvalidation. It is not uncommon to see actual satellites when out doingCE-5 work, tho.


 Fast Moving Star Crafts ‘Alleged’ Meteors (FastWalkers)

Also acommon field phenomenon and ET manifestation, while it is alsocommon to see meteorites when out doing field work. Again, it will beup to the working group to determine the nature of the manifestation.Ask via Conscious Mind for some form of confirmation. Tho, at timeswhat you may see will be so ‘out of this world’ you will need no furthervalidation.



Orbs a very subtle yet powerful manifestation, but, sometimesmay not be subtle at all! Orbs range in color, size, clarity andsometimes even shape. When you see an orb, try and perceivebeyond the physicality of what your eyes see and try to align andconnect with the Conscious Intelligence that is emanating from andwithin it. What may appear to be a baseball sized orb, may in fact be a100 FT disc with an entire group of ET Beings on board. Be awarethat these orbs may also very well be other types of Celestial, andother types of Spiritual Beings.



 It is not uncommon to hear Tones, or even ‘feel’ tones onceET Contact has been established. Also, ringing in the ear. Vibrationalfrequencies and shifts are common with ET manifestations so keep anopen eye as well as open ear out for possible communication andmanifestations. These tones may manifest out in the fi eld during fieldwork, during your meditations or even when you are out and aboutgoing through your day to day routine. 



A type of translucent manifestation in where you are able toobserve a translucent form, which is usually very subtle. Thesemanifestations may include ET Beings, crafts, orbs and much more.These are not limited to being out in the field either. You may seesuch things before of after CE-5 field work, even within your home or room! Especially if you invite the ET’s to manifest in such a way.Otherwise they will respect your space and perceptions.



Inward Manifestations 


 Remote Views

Seeing through you Minds-Eye or Remotely viewingan ET Being, craft, world and many other people, places, or thingsrelated to contact. You may See on-board an ET craft to see thepeoples on it, or even view a site where a CE-5 should be held. Youmay actually see a future scenario involving contact or a possiblefuture scenario involving contact. This ability may manifest in light ofdoing the CE-5 work and regularly meditating and expanding youConscious Awareness. The ET’s can also initiate such an experiencefor you if you are open to it. The possibilities here are endless.


 Telepathy : Telepathic Communication

Thought to thoughtcommunication, receiving verbal messages, images or thoughts. Youmay receive a ’Telepathic Lock-on’ where a voice or images might fillyour mind and body, which can be an intense experience. It is like amomentary over-ride of you attention to receive information.


 Subtle Thought Wave Perceptions (STWP)

This is being able to‘pick-up on or perceive thoughts and or feeling not of your own. Notnecessarily ‘messages’ either, but the thought and perception of an ETBeing. Whether it be how the people/beings view or feel about certainthings or whatsoever, including the contact experience itself.


 Lucid Dreams

 Lucid dreaming can be a very common yet powermanifestation of CE-5 and ET Contact. If you are open to the idea, it isgood to invite the ET’s to communicate with you in your dreams, it isoften a very affective method. When you are sleeping you are more open to the Astral Worlds, OBE’s and for, most more able tocommunicate beyond the limits of Space/Time.