James Iandoli and Grant Haygood - ET Contact Experience Reports


James Landoli

Laser signaling and ET Response 

After a 2 day event with RickyButterfass and the Pittsburgh Working Group in which we connectedwith the Inter-Galactic Council, I wanted to put my training to the test.The next day I attempted to re-connect with the IGC. During the CE-5I signaled back and forth with a craft in an amazing and very particularfashion. It was extraordinary and very personal CE-5. Amazingconfirmation of Contact.


 Brother of Light - Brilliant Craft Shown

In meditation I had askedspecifically for a personal ET Ambassador to take on a communicationwith me. Again, during field work I projected my request throughConsciousness in deep yet subtle Thought. Within a few moments, abrilliant craft came directly overhead no more than 1;200 FT above,which looked about a quarter size of the moon. It was astonishing.After a few moments the craft shut its light off and you could see thefull structure of the oval shaped craft which had a dim orange glow.(Daytime craft 2008/By Bowling alley) - This is a 'high strangeness'account. One day I was speaking to a friend in the morning who is avery skeptical and main stream think. We never talked about strangethings. Out of no where he says 'did you hear about all the UFO'sbeing seen in Mexico the last day or so?' Mind you, he was not in theleast bit aware of my interest. I thought nothing of it, besides that Ifound it strange he would mention such a thing. Then I went homeand went to sleep. During sleep I had a dream of driving at nightthrough my local area, and feeling high amount of electricity runningthrough my body and seeing these Orange ET crafts that looked likethey were made of electricity or pure energy 15-20 FT overhead, following me as I was driving. I could literally feel the electromagneticenergy physically in my dream. After I woke up, my mom hadmentioned the same UFO's in Mexico my friend from work hadmentioned, which again, was bizarre. She never, ever had mentionedsuch a thing to me. I left my house to get breakfast and go for a driveto clear my head. Within 500 FT of driving I see a ball of fi re in the sky,stationary, at 4pm!!! Then it started to slowly move after I noticed it. Iinstantly did the math and realized that this was an ET craft. I startedfollowing it, until it was finally out of sight. It moved through the sky sogracefully. I had never seen anything move through the sky at thatpace. I instantly called friends and relayed my experience.


Daytime Interaction/Sighting

 During a 3-Day CSETI conference Ihad an awsome day-time sighting/interaction. After Collin Andrewsgave a great lecture which ended in a stand up applause, the energyand vibrations were high. Everyone was up-lifted by the experience,and Collin taught a technique where you create a tetrahedronal fieldwith your hands at a 45' angle by your sides, with the pyramids pointbeing the third eye. After everyone had left the conference room tostart our afternoon break I started heading towards my resort room.Before going in my room i felt a presence so I looked around me andthen towards the sky. Within the blink of an eye I saw a turquoise/tealcraft shoot across the sky. Daytime interactions are always awe-inspiring experiences for me.


Tones at Monastery

Dave and I decided to vector in the ET's to thelocation where we would be doing field work at the end of the week.When it came time to go to the field site we drove there and I turnedoff the car. We started setting up are crystals and incense before webegan a meditation. Where were going to meditate in the car since itwas a very cold winter night in NY. As I rolled down the windows to letair circulate for the incense, I heard tones. Not just any tones! But theCSETI Crop Circle tones we always broadcast!!! It was absolutelyidentical. This went on for a period of time, not just seconds. Between 5 and 10 minutes. Very interesting and unique ET interactionindeed.


ET's Communicate Through Electronics/Monastery

I had recentlygot a wireless Radar Detector as a tool for CE-5 field work. Dave andI brought it to the monastery on a cold winter night. We stayed in thecar for meditation to stay warm. In meditation, as I was focusing onAndromeda in a deep and quiet state of Mind, the radar chirped a fewtimes (mind you we are in the middle of nowhere with no distractions).Later on in the night, while warming up in the car, the radar chirpedagain! I dropped Dave off home and then went home myself. Uponentering my house I set the radar down and was a little disappointedwe didn’t physically see too many craft and started to doubt my abilityto effectively communicate after putting me gear away. As i waspondering this, the radar started to chirp after it was settles by itself. Itook this as confirmation from the ET's that I was doing a good job, Ieven looked out on my road to see if maybe a police car set it off, butthere was nothing in sight.


Lucid Dream Interactions

 Another ET Interaction takes place inlucid dreams. A few days prior to attending a CSETI AmbassadorTraining I had 3 ET related lucid dreams within 2 nights. And thenduring the training had lucid dreams involving ET's almost every night!Some of the dreams almost seemed like virtual reality simulationswhere the ET's seemed to be seeing how I would respond in 'real life'situations and ET interaction scenarios. Very interesting.


CSETI Ambassador Training/Electronics

At a Cseti Ambassadortraining I attended, the contact through the electronics was intense.Radar detectors, Tri-field/EMF detectors, the storm tracker, anomaliesin photographs and more. The radar detector would go off intelligentlyresponding to what people may be saying. The ET's also communicated through the radar in code. 2 beeps for 'Yes' or'Correct' and 3 beeps for 'we are here'. An astounding fact was thatwhen we went into meditation, even tho equipment was left on, itwould not go off! Not once! As if the ET's were in meditation with usand did not want to disturb the silence. The interaction through the tri-field meter or EMF detector seemed yet, even more bizarre! Thesounds that came through the device were so unique and harmonic.The Beings almost sounded like dolphins singing through the device.There is no way for this device to make these sounds otherwise, evenif put directly up to an electrical object or motor. We tried to recreatethe phenomena through conventional means but were unable to. Avery unique experience and ET interaction. The storm tracker wouldalso go off at times 'detecting imminent strike' when there was not acloud in the sky, nor was there a storm all week.


Seeing Through 3rd Eye in Real-Time

 Ever since the Global CE-5 inJune of 2011 where me and a group member had an absolutelyamazing experience where it seemed to be an initiation, welcoming oran acknowledgement from the Inter-Galactic Council in whichhundreds of craft came, fully materialized, within the span of an hour.There were thousands of ET's present. Absolutely wonderous, and lifetransforming experience for sure. Ever since that interaction tho Ihave been able to perceive and see ET manifestations through myMinds Eye, in real-time, with my eyes open. Very awsome! It hasbeen like learning to see all over again. I will see orbs, entire craft,'energy trails', subtle outlines of beings, other things I cant quite makeout and more. I am still learning to 'master' this ability and learn howto better use it and discern between things. It has been a funexperience so far and I feel very blessed to be able to perceivemanifestations in such a way.



Grant Haygood 


Physical Encounters

These are confirmed and validated CE5s,either by experiencing remote views and physical encounters thatcoincide with each other and/or they are witnessed by other people.


Daytime disc and first CE5 (August 28, 2009)

 I discuss this encounterin depth here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150842511825702&set=o.205824492783376&type=3&theaterLearning about remote views and their significance to Initiating CE5s -About two weeks after my first CE5, I was just dozing off to sleep onthe couch on night when I saw in my mind’s eye the same disc. Butthis was at night, and the craft was lit up all green and blue; and thelights were oscillating clockwise and counter-clockwise. I jerkedmyself awake, but I still didn’t understand the significance of theRemote View. So I went back to Dr. Greer’s World Puja shows andcame across a show titled “Remote Viewing.” I learned that while in arelaxed meditative state, if you experience a remote view they areessentially “locked on” to you and that they are initiating contact. Soabout two weeks after the remote view of the craft I was doing thesame thing, simply dozing off to sleep on the couch while watching TV;and I was just contemplating all of this, when suddenly I experienced aremote view of a white, circular, plasma craft. I watched it for amoment when suddenly it shot out two smaller white balls. I kind ofjerked, like you do in dreams when you feel like you’re falling, becauseI thought they were missiles or something; but suddenly the two ballsslowed down to show me that they were not missiles. That’s when Ifinally got it. I instantly got up and went out the front door. Living inthe Colorado Mountains, especially at night, you can hear airplanes and helicopters when they are far away. So right out front there weretwo craft, very low, and seemingly very close, just slowly movingacross the horizon. Having a pretty basic understanding of CAT andTAC, I projected my thought at them and asked them to please do something erratic, to verify if they were ET craft or not. And to mysurprise, the trailing craft instantly sped up so that it was then leading.I exclaimed out loud, “Whoa!” So I yelled to my girlfriend to comesee. I asked her if she saw two craft. She said yes. I asked if sheheard anything. She said no. It was late September so it was chillyout and she wanted to go inside. In hindsight, I should have askedthem to please do something erratic again, but I was still in a bit ofawe from what I had just experienced; between the remote view andthe interaction between the craft and my thought. But I knew what Ihad seen and experienced and was thankful I had a corroboratingwitness.


Colorado CE5 Working Group (August 14, 2010) 

This was my firsttime meeting Ricky Butterfass, as well as the first time that I wouldInitiate Contact with a group. There were a dozen or so of us there,including my brother. Unfortunately, there were two people there whoweren’t even in to UFOs; which I now feel hindered the amount ofContact that we experienced. The ET presence was defi nitely therethough. After a guided meditation by Ricky Butterfass we were sittingin the circle just talking when a young woman in the group saw aflash. Ricky asked her where and pointed his laser pointer in thatdirection. Within a few seconds a “craft” blipped in and out right infront of us. It was more like dancing light that streaked across thehorizon. It was just below the horizon of the mountains, probably atabout 30 degrees. It quickly materialized and dematerialized. It wasan amazingly brilliant and vibrant golden yellow light, and from ourperspective it went left to right. Ricky calls it a baton, but I think itlooked like a boomerang being thrown on its side. It didn’t really seemto have a central axis. The light sort of skipped about. It was likesparks; but not. Definitely high strangeness and ET transdimensional-interstellar technology.



Remote views and dream interactions

Determining what you areseeing in your minds eye can be tricky sometimes. Was it a remoteview? Or was it your subconscious? Was it Precog? Postcog? Etc,etc. I feel that the following instances were all genuine astralexperiences, but I cannot say for sure as of now. I am learning thatgenuine remote views just have a certain feel to them.

-RV of Being with glowing, white, scintillating skin during afternoonmeditation. This was while CSETI was in Crestone in 2010. I wasvisiting my family in Denver. Before this remote view I had neverheard of such a Being. Soon after, Dr. Greer recalls the experiencewith him in Shari in England and a similar looking Being.

-RV of Canine Being

-RV of multiple ET craft in the sky just above some hills. Precog?                 

-RV of ET fleet. Precog or subconscious?


Dream of red circular craft                                                                                                                                                                                                           In July of 2010 This was while CSETI wasin France. When Ricky Butterfass returned from the AmbassadorTraining I told him about the dream he then sent me a photo that hetook while at The Louvre. The painting scene seems to be in a churchand there are a few priests on some higher steps. And above thepriests there is a red orb. A few people and even one of the priestsappear to be gazing up at it in awe. Then in September the “UFOsand Nukes” National Press Club Press Conference was held. At thispoint I had never heard of red circular ET craft, but several of thewitnesses discussed similar craft.


I had a really amazing dream just before waking one morning. I walkup to a metal door and it slides open. I then go into the room and realize that I am in a large greenhouse or atrium, filled with plants. Ithen notice that the ground outside is white. I keep looking up andrealize that the sky is black. I keep looking up expecting to see theMoon, but to my surprise I see the Earth!? It looked so amazingbecause it was much larger in the sky than how our Moon appears tous. Which makes sense. My impression is that it was a remote viewthrough an ETs eyes. My main Contact??


Dream interactions/discussions with Dr. Greer. I’ll have to verify withhim if they were genuine. With him, I felt that they were. I had apossible precog dream with Dr. Greer, Ricky, Debbie and I sittingaround a table talking with each other.


Remote view of the Gulf Oil Spill.