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"Contact" Music Album

Conscious Contact Meditation created using pure intent. Used by CE-5 international teams for enhanced Higher Contact Recorded in 432Hz.

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Trevor Barton


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"Standing on a Summit at the Dawn of Disclosure" by Trevor (Music Album)

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What does standing on a summit at the dawn of disclosure mean?

Our time is like the final steps before reaching the summit of a mountain, from where we can see new things. It’s also a dawn. On a summit at dawn. It means we’re the first to see the light of the new day; a day when our horizons expand to take in new technology, a revised sense of history, and the new relationship we have with the universe. It’s the dawn of disclosure on ETs…and it’s going to be breathtaking.

Trevor’s second album fuses together aspects of electronic, dance, hip hop, new jazz and IDM to create a searching set of atmospheric concept pieces. The concept of each track progresses and grows until fully realised, and the character and influences are carefully chosen to fit the concept of each piece.

Trevor hails from Oxford, UK and says that his influences range all the way from Boards of Canada to Aviici, Royksopp to Vangelis.

He says, “I love what’s happening to virtual synths right now. They’re emulating and making possible the kind of sounds I grew up with; big analog racks used by 80’s heroes like Jean-Michel Jarre. I think when electronic music turned popular we took a diversion of 20 years with rave and dance. A blip, if you like. But as a kid I remember that electronic music promised a boundless future. It’s coming back now that the blips are over. It's perfect for exploring ambassadorial relations with ETs.”

All proceeds from sales, royalties or download plays of this music album will be given to Steven Greer‘s crowdfunding campaign to produce and release his film, ‘Unacknowledged‘.

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A free eBook accompanies the music album:

Standing on a Summit: ETI - Human Relations at the Dawn of Disclosure

1. Direct link to free ebook (PDF)

2. Also published to a specific Facebook group under a Creative Commons license on 12 May 2016. (To get the book, please join the group and go to the files section.)


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"ETI" by Trevor (Music Album)

 A music album about meditation, presence, wholeness, life beyond and life within.

This is Trevor's first music album. Curious things have been happening with the track titled "The Galactic Federation of Light has a Meeting"...

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