Presentations by ET Contact Workers

This page provides a collection of presentations given by contact workers about their ET contact experiences and lessons.


ET Contact Info YouTube Playlist - ET Contact Worker Presentations


Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI


Dr. Steven Greer Presentation on CE-5 Related Sightings & Experiences


Unbounded Mind - Practical Apllication Presentation 

Presentation given by Dr. Steven Greer in 2007 at the LA Conscious Life Expo which covers the following:

  • The nature of mind and how to experience the unbounded, cosmic aspect of consciousness always within us 
  • Meditation techniques to experience cosmic consciousness, achieve natural remote viewing and precognition abilities and how they apply to your daily life. 
  • An understanding of the cosmology, consciousness, advanced electromagnetic technologies, extraterrestrial civilizations and the world of spirit and awareness. A review of the nature of advanced extraterrestrial (and classified human technologies) and how they relate to mind, non-locality, and the larger cosmos 
  • The full spectrum of reality, unifying mind, body, material, astral and cosmic - and how as humans we can evolve to Universal beings by developing Universal, cosmic awareness.

Unbounded Mind - Practical Application Part 1Image

. Unbounded Mind - Practical Application Part 2Image   (Youtube Video)


CE-5 Presentation in Toronto, Canada (2017)

CE-5 Presentation by Dr. Steven Greer (YouTube Video)


The Crossing Point of Light Presentation

Briefing given by Dr. Steven Greer in Washington D.C. in November 2014 regarding: 

The Science of Consciousness and higher states of consciousness and how it applies to us & to Interstellar Civilizations and their technologies. 

Why the key to contact with ETs is understanding the nature of mind, thought and trans-dimensional physics. 

 The Crossing Point of Light Presentation (YouTube video)


Contact And Disclosure: A Training Workshop Intensive With Dr. Steven Greer

A workshop training intensive with Dr. Steven Greer in Glendale CA, April 2015, on how to make Contact using the CE-5 protocols and what the implications are for global disclosure when thousands of people are making Contact.

Contact And Disclosure Presentation Part 1  (YouTube video)

Contact And Disclosure Presentation Part 2 ​ (YouTube video)


Establishing Extraterrestrial Contract  by Dr. Steven Greer

1992 presentation by Dr Greer. 

Establishing ET Contact  (YouTube video)


Ashley Epstein / CE5 Academy

Close Encounters of The 5th Kind - Peaceful, Diplomatic and Positive Contact with advanced Inter-Stellar civilizations presentation by Ashley Eptein 

First CE5 Academy Talk / Presentation at the 8 O'Clock Club in Cape Town, South Africa on the 09/08/2017.

This video presentations aims to demonstrate 3 things: 

1) We are not alone and never have been,
2) There is extensive evidence to show this as well as an evident reason why the general public does know about this yet,
3) There are thousands of communities around the world that engage in peaceful, proactive and diplomatic contact with these star cultures.


a) History of UFO's
b) The Evidence
c) Close Encounters explained and demonstrated
d) The Vision and Intention of this new reality


Dr. Joseph Burkes

Paths To Contact Presentation

At the 2014 Paths To Contact Conference, Dr. Burkes discusses how he got started in extraterrestrial contact and some of his early contact experiences in the field. He also discusses his background and motivations for becoming a contact worker.

Dr. Joseph Burkes Presentation Part 1 (YouTube Video)

Dr. Joseph Burkes Presentation Part 2 ( YouTube Video)


MUFON L.A. Presentation

Dr. Joseph Burkes MUFON L.A. Presentation (08-16-00) (YouTube Video)

. Dr. Joseph Burkes MUFON L.A. Presentation (07-20-10) (YouTube Video)


Los Angeles,CA PresentationThe ET Virtual Experience Hypothesis (05-17-2016)  (YouTube Video)

Dr. Ted Loder

2011 MUFON Symposium presentation: "ET Contact:The Implications For Contact Advancements in the Science & Technology".                                                                                              

CSETI CE-5/ET Contact talk starts at 49 minutes into the video.    

Dr. Ted Loder Presentation (YouTube Video)


David Griffin

CE-5 Intro Presentation by David Griffin (YouTube Video)

CE-5 Excerpt of David Griffin Presentation (YouTube Video)


Don Daniels

Costa Rica Presentation, 02-05-2016 - Part 1 (YouTube Video)

. Costa Rica Presentation, 02-05-2016 - Part 2 (YouTube Video)

. Costa Rica Presentation, 02-05-2016 - Part 3 (YouTube Video)

. Costa Rica Presentation, 02-05-2016 - Part 4 (YouTube Video)

. Costa Rica Presentation, 02-05-2016 - Part 5 (YouTube Video)


Enrique Villanueva of Rahma

Enrique talks about his experiences with extraterrestrial contacts, Mission Rahma, and how to prepare oneself for contact with extraterrestrials.

Enrique Villanueva Presentation at the International UFO Conference 2014 (Youtube)


The Eastern Virginia ET Contact Group (EVETCG) Coordinator provides a lecture in 2011 to teach people about what CE-5/ET Contact is about and explaining the protocols.

EVETCG CE-5 Lecture Part 1 (YouTube video)

This is an 8 part video series. Go to the EVETCG youtube video page to find the following 7 parts of the lecture:

EVETCG Youtube Video Page


James Gilliland of ECETI

This presentation by James was hosted by UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, NSW, Australia on the 6 February 2016. 
James is the founder of ECETI, an author and a he is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth - teaching higher dimensional realities from experience. 

James Gilliland and Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences


Jamie Bazil

Jamie is a contactee and experienced Contact Worker (founder of SPECTRA, Society for the Promotion of ET Contact, Training & Research), who has been using the CE5 contact protocols of Dr. Steven Greer's CSETI since 1995 with great success. More recently, he has been organiser of regular “CE5 Intensives” where groups of people get together to make telepathic and physical contact “under the stars.”

“First Contact” will be more than just a talk about making contact. It will also serve as an introductory training workshop preparing you to get out "in the field" yourself and make contact...

First Contact Extraterrestrial Visitation & the Consciousness Connection 


Mark Sims

In November 2012 while participating in a 6 day CE-5 Ambassador Training led by Dr. Steven Greer in California,  Mark Sims had a face-to-face contact experience with an extraterrestrial named Tezjbar who communed with Mark for 12 days. In this presentation, Mark shares his incredible story and the things he was taught by Tezjbar, including how the evolution of individualized consciousness works.

Mark Sims Presentation (YouTube Video)


Nancy Hundrup

At the 2014 Paths To Contact Conference, Nancy Hundrup discusses her path towards becoming an ambassador to the universe, and leads a guided meditation.

Nancy Hundrup Presentation (YouTube Video)


Roman Hines

This video explains the nature of consciousness, how it is accessed through universal meditation concepts, and also its relationship to the "UFO Intelligence" when reaching higher states of consciousness.

Transcendental Minds: Consciousness, Meditation & The UFO Connection (Youtube)