Ricky Butterfass - Universal CE-5 of Unified Bonded Intent


We use a three word mantra for alignment. Im, Na, Mah. It has tonal scalar effect. We start with intent in our hearts. Lift it up to the third eye chakra on Im, middle "C" perfect fifth. Then down to the root chakra on Na and back up to the heart chakra on Mah.

The mantra one heard is not spoken. It becomes a word in thought not a word in sound. Because a word in sound is scalar but dependent on air as the medium of propagation and limited to Earth's atmosphere.

However, when it is a word in thought it is scalar with the medium of propagation being thought. Therefore, is unlimited anywhere in the Universal Singularity.

In Sanskrit teaching material things in reality are name and form. Super String Manifold Theory and the Holographic Universe with the idea in thought as a template in the Astral/Etheric defines creation into reality.

The charkas are all associated with organs and nerve clusters, energy centers. The heart can generate its own energy.

The idea is to align all the energy points for current flow.

The physical body has 7 chakras. There are 5 more above the crown chakra in an extension of the physical body. The 5 are energy centers for the Astral/Spiritual self.

12 chakras in total but only the 7 are usually talked about. Akin to the 12 Apostles with 13th being the Universal Singularity or God Head.
Light workers visualize the 12 as energy levels at different frequencies. They are colors wavelengths.

Some people use gemstones/crystals to represent the colors. The Kundalini root charka is red/ruby.
The stomach is orange.
Up to the solar plexus is yellow/topaz.

The heart is emerald green.
The the thyroid is blue/sapphire.
The third eye is indigo/amethyst.
And the crown chakra connection to the spirit body is Violet.

There are 5 beingness levels in spiritual worlds and spirit bodies. The 5 levels are also Astral chakras ascending up from the crown chakra.
1) Second Astal Body the color ray is pink.
2) Third Astral Body the color ray is Turquoise.

3) Forth Astral Body the color ray is Copper
4) Casual (Casual Plane, the Avatars are at cause and effect enabling them to materialize their intent. All states of being at the Casual or above can manifest) the color ray is Silver.
5) Celestial (the Celestial has two parts. It includes those who have ascended to this state of being and the Angelic Realm) the color ray is Gold.
The Universal Singularity, Cosmic State of being or the God Head can be viewed as the omnipresent 1 & 3 (mind, body and spirit together the 13 spirit world) the color ray is pure golden white.

The color rays can associated with scalar waves and can be viewed as wavelength frequency. All states of beingness are developmental awareness knowing state of being without doubt including the first astral body in material physical and local space-time temporal. Each level can also be viewed as scalar octave energy levels of beingness.

The physical body is known as the first astral body.

The research done by George W. Meek, http://www.worlditc.org/ h_07_meek_by_macy.htm, fits well with what CSETI has observed in the field. The Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology a position paper by Greer explains in detail, http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/cseti- papers/581-2/.

When I am in the field leading my team during a CTS/meditation. I align the 7 body chakras energy flow. In an advanced CE-5 CTS we could align the Astral chakras. But the 7 body chakra alignment is most important and Astral chakras align with the Cosmic flow. All with intent to align with the Cosmic Spirit body using the mantra.

The Earth, Sun, the Central Sun of the Milky Way, the other galaxies/ Cosmic Egg and then all together as the source the I am God Head. We direct this energy flow and anchor it to the inner core of the Earth. All the chakras are open to the flow of creation.

Visualizing this is a remote view meditation. Any one can do it. It is not hard. Just thinking it and you are there doing it.
Don't over think it or try analyze what you are seeing or doing. Just do it. Go with the flow.

Once you (and the team) have opened to the 13th alignment. Then you can tap into the creative flow and place your intent around the flow and

send it back to the source to make manifest.

The energy flow tap starts in the heart with love for life and creation, also ourselves.
I have the team visualize the creative love light forming a golden light orb around our hearts. The we share the love light orb with each other passing it heart to heart left to right. Each adding their love intent to each orb making them the same.

We accelerate the orbs faster and faster to form a golden light ring. We then send half the golden ring vortex down our chakras into the Earth to the heart of the Earth the Earth's core.

Then the extend the connected upper half ring vortex to our third eye. Where we place our combined intent for the Earth in love and peace around the world.

Then join together with the ETs as responsible adults joining the intergalactic community in peace and harmony.
Raising the golden light ring vortex to our crown chakra. We accelerate the vortex faster yet. Launching it just above the Earth. Here joining the other global teams vortex bonding together in intent of the like vision for Earth's transformation. The vortexes become one together forming a golden love light orb of intent encasing the Earth.

We let this shine as beacon for ET to join the intent to ours in love, peace and harmony.
Then all of us together form a vortex from Earth that raises up around the cosmic flow. With the cosmic flow acting as the carrier of our global intent. Up and through our Sun, the Central Sun of the milky Way, to the Cosmic Egg and on to the God Head to make manifest.
At this point the team is bonded together. We are like batteries hooked together. But each person add is not one it is cubed. Therefore, all of

us together raises the intent energy level up exponentially.

Therefore, with all the people and teams bonded together around the world during the Global CE-5 event the potential for transformation of the state of being of the Earth increases dramatically.

Our intended vision for the best that Earth can be in all the disciplines, with peace, love and happiness, as taught to us by all the master teachers throughout history. Is the intent template we have established into the morphogenetic field.

When enough people place their bonded intent to make the master vision manifest then by the laws of the Universal Singularity it will sublime into reality when intent critical mass is achieved.

(I did this meditation with the Colorado CE-5 team on September 7, 2013, during the Global CE-5 event. An ET craft materialized, within 5 minutes after doing this meditation, in the Northwest at 45 degrees moving on a straight and level track to the Northeast. It slowed gave light signals upon arrival. I returned their signal with a laser and the craft signaled again. One of the team member connected with it in thought asking it to signal again. The craft replied and I returned a laser light signal.)

The good thing about doing the process making the connections, connecting the dots, making the circuit is that once established. It becomes part of the Akashic record on site and in us. It is imprinted within the molecular structure, theatomic field.

It is always there on site. What ever we do.

Then it becomes very simple to reconnect, access and re-energize bringing it back online into local space-time. We do not have to go

through the same process. Just reconnect.
Indeed, the Akashic record is what makes things sacred.

About the mantra it is not spoken as in a chant. It is given voice in thought. Thought is the medium of transference or the carrier wave throught time and space.

In physical reality everything is name (word) and form. As has been taught by the master teachers.

We as sentient beings can create or co-create without doubt. Religious teaching also refer to that.

I often refer to the Christian bible because most people in Western civilization are more often schooled in it.

Therefore, it becomes a point of reference. However, it is also written in other bibles and religious text, as well, making it more valid.

In Genesis it starts out saying "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God. God said let there be light and there was light."

When asked about doing miracles Jesus who was also a Buddha said, "This and even greater things you shall do also. You will say to the mountain move and the mountain will move."

The key is do, not doubt and giving up duality, fear of lack and limit.

An apple for instance exist on many levels within the holographic Universe.

If you are studied about Kirlian photography? It will help in understanding. There is a physical and astral reality to everything.


In Vedic teachings everything is name and form.

The word "Apple" is the resonate scalar wave form, in the local space- time morphogenetic field, that is the reality of the apple's being.

It has three dimensions, hight, width and depth (elementary 3-D) and exists moment to moment in local space-time. Time is the fourth dimension.

In the reality case of the Apple. The word (Apple) is not just a 3-D sound wave in the air, but also a resonate scalar-wave in the morphogenetic field in time and space (space-time) until it changes form or tone.

Therefore, to manifest the word (Apple) is not projected into sound using air as the carrier wave. But the word (Apple) is projected into the morphogenetic field with thought being the scalar carrier wave and the Apple will sublime into beingness.

When it attains critical mass and reaches resonate harmony with the local space-time or Causality, a real Apple can be made manifest into reality.

This is more or less what happens in scientific terms in creating manifest reality. Some may call this a miracle.

When one reaches the 5th state of spiritual beingness or at Cause, as presented by George W. Meek in his research data.

One at Cause has cause and effect over their spiritual and physical environment. Having no duality doubt one can manifest into being, an apple if he/she chooses.

The Vedic Avatars live at Cause. It is their state of beingness. Being at Cause they can manifest into beingness.

Jesus was an Avatar as are others written about in scriptures. He changed the water into wine and fed the multitudes with a few fish and loves of bread, etc.

Speaking a chant or mantra resonates, tunes and alines, the body and its chakras.

Doing so is scalar raising the energy level of the physical body up. Also it opens one up more to spiritual enlightenment.

We need to resonate, tune and aline the spiritual body. We should look at this as energy levels.
Think on the atomic level. An atom had energy shells. Our body is in the first energy shell or level.

In scalar terms think musical scale Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Te.

Then Do is the next higher octave or energy shell level starting the scale over again. This higher octave state of being is our spiritual/spirit

world body.
Therefore, we aline and tune it with thought words not spoken words.

As spiritual beings we can tune into the Celestial and Cosmic/God Head through scalar spiritual energy levels with thought intent.

Those whose beingness is already there at Cause will assist us with our right action and intent and because of it.

What the whole process we are doing is co-creation with them standing with us, ET included.

This particular mantra "Im Na Mah" is spoken to be heard once (or more) as it were to tune the local body to the word form to be transformed into thought word.

Then we raise the mantra to the Crown chakra in thought word raising it up the next octave energy level into the spirit body chakras, then going higher raising the mantra Universal, Celestial, to the Cosmic God Head.

When we do it together in spiritual bonded form, around the Earth, then the scalar energy increases exponentially up by 10^3 power for each person bonding together (mind, body, spirit).

Setting global bonded intent and projecting it as a two way flow into the Universal Singularity.

One can see the increased potential for intended transformation that is unified and bonded together on every level.