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Conversations With Dr. Steven Greer on the World Puja Network

 Youtube Videos of Each Episode of "Conversations With Dr. Steven Greer" (Video)


Ambassadors of Hope - CE-5 Podcast

CE-5 ambassadors from around the world share their stories and insights. Be inspired to join the movement and accelerate contact, disclosure and a new future for the Earth.

ce5podcast.simplecast.com (Website)


Becoming A Cosmic Citizen With Don Daniels and Sierra Neblina

Working with my friend Sierra Neblina (Mary, Mother of ET in my book), we have developed a Radio University course based on my book "Evolution Through Contact, Becoming A Cosmic Citizen". 
Each week we take a deep dive into the concepts presented in one or two chapters of the book as well as encouraging you the listener to participate in the discussion. By sharing experiences and opinions, we all learn and grow. We also have a variety of very interesting guests mixed in to highlight various concepts from the book. 

 Becoming A Cosmic Citizen Episodes (Audio)


CE5 Minneapolis Podcast with Paul Riedner

A team of researchers in Minneapolis will be conducting human initiated contact protocols called CE-5: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind to prove that we are not alone.                                                                                       Follow this unfolding story about how to use consciousness, meditation, and coherent thought sequencing to communicate with cosmic civilizations.

  CE5 Minneapolis Podcast Episodes (Audio)


Conscious Evolution Radio With Ann Gelsheimer 

Conscious Evolution Radio profiles fascinating guests, ideas, stories, practices and resources that support your choice to evolve your consciousness. Learn to shift into higher consciousness by discovering ancient and new spiritual technologies designed to help us be all that we can be.

Conscious Evolution Radio With Ann Gelsheimer

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Radio broadcast/podcast about CE-5

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