Video Channels And Playlists


Video Channels

Online Youtube and Vimeo Channels dedicated to CE-5/Human Initiated ET Contact:


ET Contact Info Youtube Channel

The Extraterrestrial Contact Working Group Wiki is a free service for centralizing ET contact information and sharing experiences between extraterrestrial contact working groups around the world.


The CE-5 Initiative

This is a page dedicated to The CE-5 Initiative.


The Contact Movement Network

The Contact Movement Network hopes to give people and groups within the Contact Network a voice to the larger community/collective consciousness about Contact.


ETSkywatch Youtube Channel

ETSkywatch is about Initiating CE-5 contact protocols (close encounters of the fifth kind) with enlightened extraterrestrials.


Eastern Virginia ET Contact Group Youtube Channel

A collection a CE-5 Contact videos from the EVECG Working Group showing their recorded observations. 


Matthew - A Quantum G'Day

This channel Is a Contact Workers guide to the universe!


Paths To Contact Conference

A collection of videos from the conference.


Spiritual ET Contact CE-5


Trevor Barton

A vlog about CE-5 or HICE related music, including my own. 


Video Playlists

ET Contact Techniques

This page provides a collection of videos giving advice and instructions on how to initiate ET contact.


Interviews With ET Contact Workers

This page provides a collection of interview videos with contact workers. 



This page provides for a collection of presentations given by contact workers about their ET contact experiences and lessons.



CE-5 Contact (Sirius)

Cut from "Sirius: the Movie" introducing CE-5 Contact


Gigi Young - Contact

Contact can seem like an answer to things that we need to take responsibility for.

Contact is an internal process first and then external.
If you are not having contact in your dreams or meditations then clean up your life style, you may need to release some patterns or take some initiative as you have to be quite clear in order to remember ET experiences.


Gigi Young - Orbs

What are Orbs?


Gigi Young - Ringing in the Ears

Our ears ring, when they are not injured of course, as they detect shifts in energy.
Internal shifts: healing, switching timelines, receving a download.
External shifts: Connection from ultra dimensional being/ guide, the energy of a room, receiving messages or healing from guide.
You can consciously tune into the ringing and see why it is happening and where it is coming from.